The Law of Three

The universe we dwell in is an intricate dance of energies. The Law of Three posits that there are three primary energies that underpin the very essence of our existence and our experience of consciousness – Light, Love, and Life. It is these energies that form the intricate tapestry of creation, emerging from the unfathomable depths of the Eternal Consciousness of the Absolute, manifesting into the physical realm of our Universe.

The universe, representing the denser and more physical facet of creation, reflects these three energies. Stars emanate Light and consciousness, while Life acts as the sustenance and structure-forming energy. Love, often represented as a fiery essence, binds these energies together, sparking the manifestation of consciousness in the dimension we perceive.

Take the example of Earth. This planet is one of several birthed by the Sun. The Sun emitted waves of its energies into the void of space, their momentum decelerating as they ventured further. A shift in motion leads to an elliptical orbit around the Sun, gradually cooling and solidifying into planets. Each planet, at its core, vibrates at a unique frequency, determined by its distance from the Sun, determining its consciousness as a living entity.

Every planet in our solar system thrives and evolves, its life and consciousness sustained by the Sun's radiant energy. Encased within the Sun's etheric envelope, these celestial bodies not only receive energy from the Sun but also share information and energy among themselves. They are all interconnected, parts of the same consciousness, each contributing to the collective evolution of our solar system.

The Earth, as it evolves, develops an organic mantle, giving rise to plant and animal life. This mantle, nourished by the Sun's energies, and those of the other planets, emanates its own energies. These energies radiate back through the Sun's etheric envelope, nourishing the Sun and other planets in return. It is an interconnected, mutually enriching cycle.

Yet this energy exchange is not as straightforward as it might seem. The Sun emits high-frequency ionic radiations that traverse through space to reach the Earth. Earth's radiation belts slow these down, absorbing them into the Earth's organic mantle and into its body. Simultaneously, Earth also emits upward moving energy, magnetic in frequency, absorbed by other celestial bodies. This interplay of energies is vital for our very existence.

Our consciousness, as human beings, is a product of the interplay of these energies. This leads us to an understanding of the energy dynamics within us. In humans, the Mind is the active energy – the desire to create. Life acts as the passive energy, opposing the outflow of the Mind, striving for stability, while the Mind seeks to expand. Yet, for any manifestation to occur, a third, neutral energy must be present. This neutral energy, when it aligns with either active or passive energy, determines the outcome of the manifestation.

Understanding these three energies that underpin all manifestations is crucial. We can then understand our position in any circumstance and make informed decisions. If we aim to achieve something, we must anticipate the opposing energy and find a neutralizing energy that aligns with our initial aim. If not, we may end up in disappointment.

Sometimes, we may find ourselves as the neutralizing energy in a situation, influencing the balance of the energies. Recognizing this role, we need to consider our actions carefully. It's crucial to remember that every situation involves an active energy, a passive energy, and a neutral energy, often invisible, like a catalyst.

Take the example of buying a car. The desire to own a car is the active energy, the car itself is the passive energy, and the neutral energy is money. In reality, money is only a reflection, a non-tangible factor that facilitates the transformation process.

These energies lead to the creation of a new condition. Recognizing and understanding their roles is crucial for our evolution. The more we contemplate and observe the interaction of these energies in our daily lives, the more we will awaken from the Illusion, and move toward transformation. This is the profound wisdom that the Law of Three brings to our lives.


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  • This is a in-depth blog that has many ramifications relative to the outer function of the consciousness of universe and that of our body consciousness of our world.
    When Zadore introduced the Law of Three in the Transmissions of the VOLAH series it was given to us as an understanding of not only how our lives are unconsciously affected by those energies of the Vital Force on a personal level but how the desires of everyone in the world are moving out of their consciousness and conflict with the outcomes of what we are trying to achieve, and it is important for us to become aware of that and continue to modify our desires.
    What we need to do is realize is that we ignorantly live in the world and are subject to the law of two forces, a world of duality, and we are not aware of there being a third force. Of course, there is only One energy and that is Light out of which all proceeds, and it is being that will be all we need to remember, for we are not evolving, because we are already One in that Absolute Light, and we need to realize that the universe is, like our body, a finite object that has beginning and end.
    Only being aware that all these outer forces of manifestation are only a thought within the Mind of the Self will we have complete Awareness and knowledge of what is the One Truth.


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