The Illusion of Sin

Let's dive into a topic that has intrigued and confounded humanity for millennia—the nature of the soul, sin, and consciousness. Guidance on the Way 2, "The Sinful Soul," questions long-standing religious narratives about the eternal, sinful soul that is condemned to hell or destined for heaven. It challenges us to consider the soul not as an immutable, pre-defined entity but as a construct influenced by our sensory experiences and emotional states.

Firstly, why do we, as individuals, often consider our souls to be sinful? The idea of a sinful soul is somewhat of a paradox. If our souls are indeed eternal and part of God, how can they be sinful? Isn't God supposed to be the epitome of purity and goodness? So, where does the "sinful nature" come from? We can safely say religions supporting the idea of a sinful soul haven't provided a satisfactory answer. What is considered "sinful" is actually the culmination of our sensual nature—our negative attitudes, passions, and emotions. These attributes are not innate qualities of an eternal soul but are derived from our worldly experiences.

So, what is the eternal part of us? Is there a part of our being that transcends the 'sins' we accumulate over a lifetime? The text points us towards the Light Essence. This isn't something we're born with but something we develop.

The world as we know it, including our perception of time and space, is an illusion. Events may seem accidental or disconnected, but they are the result of forces at play in our lives, whether these forces are earthly or universal. Real consciousness exists beyond time and space, in the "Eternal Moment in Being." That's where everything exists in a state of oneness.

While our sensory understanding of the world suggests expansion and growth, our inner state of being reveals a circular pattern of recurring events and experiences. Nothing truly new or groundbreaking occurs unless there's a change in the state of higher consciousness, like the advent of the Higher Light and Consciousness through Jesus around AD 33. This Light has never left and is a part of the eternal dimension of consciousness.

The illusions that cloud our judgment and feed our notion of a "sinful soul" are mere distractions from the true, eternal nature we can cultivate. It's time to look beyond the surface, question long-held beliefs, and explore the untapped expanses of our inner consciousness. Because there, in that sacred space, lies the truth that can set us free.


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