The Illusion and Our Concepts

We do not realize that we have been brainwashed and conditioned by concepts that we have ignorantly accepted as being realities and that we have been told represents the truth and understanding of lives in the world.

What constitutes life and what is not life? What is or is not god? What is or is not enlightenment? What is or is not a guru? And what are you? There are so many concepts that we accept as reflecting what is the truth as well as so many questions that remain unknown.

When all is said and done, nothing we think we understand through sensual knowledge provides us with the truth of what is. This is because we base all our knowledge on worldly concepts and illusion, and the truth is an unknown commodity.

It is time for you to step out from all this accumulated ignorance that holds your consciousness in bondage and suffering and misinformation about what defines your life.

Most people assume that life is having a good time; having experiences and relationships; becoming famous and rich, and then when they come to the end of this merry-go-round, they say: ‘I have no regrets and would do it all over again. And maybe they will!

Reading this post, I urge you to take stock of what you are doing in your daily life. Possibly you are reading all the Transmissions and think that you have added the teachings to utilize in your life. How often do you say you understand what you have read, accept them, and believe you are practicing what is taught?

Where does this lead you? You talk about the Illusion and how it denies our understanding of the truth. However, are you living what the Transmissions teach? Or is it just an abstraction of the mind?

Basically, we are so attached and identified with our body that all our intellectualization is based on living in the outer world of the senses and mind, and we just follow the sentient way of acting and behaving, the result being that we become further separated from what we are seeking to be and understand.

This may be satisfying for many individuals and creates plenty of entertainment and continually swapping thoughts and concepts, but certainly not living the Transmissions.

What do you think living the Transmissions is? It is not just reciting words and principles of what you have read. Maybe there is a need for you to stop and move all your thoughts and understanding inwardly, and there find the answers to what constitutes the truth you are seeking.

Look within and seek the Self-illuminating Light of consciousness that is your real nature and let it reveal the truth from the core of your being.

When you want to know something don’t go on the internet, because you will find nothing there. Go within; pay attention; listen, always listen, because that is the only way you will hear what is and you will live by this knowledge with understanding by knowing the true meaning of life.


  • Thankyou all for the input

    Frances Coghlan
  • Yes, studies, interacting with the surrounding environment, people… and meditation as a starting point where Personality becomes passive and inwardly begins to experience a vast other realm ‘within’, although it is truly throughout all, and beyond all. Not illusion – and i am not referring to the Astral Illusion here, but to the fact that all that we perceive is only a reflection – illusion – of other higher realms of energy, of consciousness, themselves reflections of the original unmanifest Absolute.

    I am more aware of the need to clear and transform the functions of the outer centers, prior to reawakening and reuniting their inner/ higher counterparts, on the level of Essence – Mind, Feeling, Instincts/ Physical body – particularly where we separate the feeling polarity from the physical body. A different kind of awareness starts to develop. Early days still… Kind regards to all, and thanks too to the Emissary – i’m still following the posts over on the Friends of One website, as well.

    Part intellectualising here, part beginnings of the New Consciousness :)

  • Hi Frances, there are times we may need to meditate more and there are times we may be more oriented toward studying the transmissions. I think this would depend on the moment and for each person it may be different. There are no rules. The post is suggesting to go within to find answers when you need them and live what you learn and know to be true. Hope this helps.

    Nabil: Many wishes to your success and to everyone else.

  • Could one draw the conclusion from the above…study less, meditate more?

    Frances Coghlan
  • Agreed!
    I shall explore my Light and express it. Kindly wish me amiability.


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