The Healing Light Within

Our world is shrouded in the Illusion, a state of consciousness that has prevailed since the dawn of human existence. This Illusion has infiltrated our minds and society, leading us astray from our true nature and purpose. However, a path towards healing and enlightenment exists, and we will explore the importance of self-awareness, love, and healing in transcending the Illusion and connecting with our inner Light.

To break free from the Illusion and ascend towards the One Light, healing must be acknowledged as an integral part of the process.

Healing begins with the individual, as each person must take responsibility for their own well-being and growth. By embracing the humanitarian spirit and practicing unconditional love, we can start the journey towards self-healing and contribute to the collective healing of the planet.

Two thousand years ago, the Christ spirit moved through the ethers of the third dimension, teaching the importance of love and healing. The Christ Light, which was embodied by Jesus, is a powerful force for transformation, capable of turning human Egos away from the Illusion and towards a path of love and unity.

Unfortunately, the Astral Entities have distorted the true message of Christ, creating religious institutions that propagate fear and separation. These entities altered the teachings to suit their own agendas and maintain control over the consciousness of humanity.

To break free from the Illusion and embrace the healing Light within, we must first learn to love ourselves unconditionally. This requires a shift in focus from our Ego and external circumstances to the inner Light that resides in each of us.

By acknowledging our true nature, we can begin to peel away the layers of karma and illusion that have accumulated over lifetimes, lightening our load and opening our eyes to the truth. As we draw closer to our inner Light and allow it to guide us, we will experience a quickening of consciousness and a greater capacity for healing.

Healing ourselves and others can only occur when we align with our true nature and let go of the need to control the process. As we become more attuned to our Light Body and resonate with the dispersed Light across the planet, we can channel this energy towards healing the Earth and ascending to the Fourth Dimension.

Unleashing the healing Light within is a journey of self-discovery, love, and healing. By breaking free from the Illusion and embracing our true nature, we can transcend the limitations of the third dimension and contribute to the collective healing of the planet. As we continue to grow and evolve, we can join forces with others on this path and work together to create a brighter future for all.

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  • Very timely message on healing for this time in my life, thanks. Out of complexity and upheaval, simplicity and surrender arising too. Kind regards to all, Light unifying with Life, as Love :) B


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