The Forgotten God - Two


    Separation creates limitations meaning we think of ourselves as being and exist as individual bodies and separate personalities controlled by a personal ‘I’ or ego that underlie all the urges and desires to express our individuality.

    We are not aware that there is any oneness in our being because we have been conditioned to accept that we are controlled by concepts that are based on the idea of cause and effect. Such concepts make us accept that everything in our world is determined by dualities that negate oneness.

    Although the concept of dual forces has been realized on a scientific level it cannot apply to the consciousness within.

    We live in a world of ignorance where we are conditioned to think all realities are based on sensual knowledge, but actually, they are unrealities formed within the mind.

    We are destined to fall back asleep and be guided and conditioned by religious concepts to accept that God created the universe and our bodies to serve and worship him.

    What a waste of Space!

    God created the universe and also created a world that determined our way of living, suggesting that we are his children and set on us so many rules that bind us to accept that we are bodies of limited spirituality and locked in a prison of ignorance and illusion. So, what kind of God is that?

    We constantly seek to experience that elusive state of happiness and never find that through relationships and the desire for material things that are short-lived and end in pain and disappointment.

    The seeking continues to no avail, and we wonder why that is, for it is not unlike trying to seek enlightenment where there are always sensual outcomes of joy and sublime states beyond the sensual world.

    However, such outcomes are the same in that what we are seeking is the remembrance of our eternal Self, which is our true nature and being.

    Why should we expect that our inner Self should be an astounding experience, unknowable when it is not an experience, but it is something that we already are and always have been, for we have been separated from our True Self by a veil of ignorance and illusion?

    When we remember the true nature of the Self, then the so-called god of illusion vanishes and what remains is a calm state of boundless peace with no separation, and desires, just oneness and perfection, free to Be the Oneness where all time and space does not exist where everything is real and instantaneous,

    When you seek happiness in the world you will never experience it for its reality is within the eternal Self and in truth happiness exists.

    So is that the forgotten god?


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