The Forgotten God


    We live in a world that we accept as being our world, never realizing that we have a different view of the world owing to our concepts, desires and attitudes.

    Have you ever thought about what that means and what we conceive as being our world makes us the God and creator of our world?

    As human beings, do we think that our collective view of all the different worlds constitutes there is one God for all of humanity that consists of a limited consciousness squeezed into each body-mind that reduces any creative power we have and also the destruction of the world?

    We know no other world other than the one we have created around our bodies and the assumption of what we call our ego is where our god exists.

    We have no awareness of what the universe is, nor the outer manifestation that surrounds the Earth.

    We know there is a vast manifestation, but we cannot realize its significance in our world. Let alone what happens in the Universe we are just as ignorant of what occurs on the Earth and our world.

    Because we are body-mind beings we know nothing outside our limited existence in the world because we tell each other that we have a body, unknowingly believing we are not limited by the thought we are individuals.

    Why do we think there is a greater being who created everything we see and accept the concept that such a being is present in our consciousness, or is it only an illusion to allay the fear of the body’s death?

    Concepts are readily embraced by humanity because it is easier to live in a state of apathy rather than make any effort to realize the truth, for it is easier to continue living as we always have.

    Over the millions of generations, humanity has slowly produced some individuals who have matured and recognized that is some form of illusion that has kept humanity ignorant of their true purpose of being in the world and something unseen lies beyond our limited consciousness we experience and prompts them to question their existence here.

    As individuals, we suffer and are devoid of experiencing happiness and we are unable to break free from those apathetic attitudes, thoughts, and desires we have accepted that rule our lives.

    If we are only capable of accepting the age-old concept of a God based on our limited sensual knowledge, then we are doomed to remain in our self-created world ignorant of any reality.

    We are then unable to break free from the belief we are separate bodies destined to experience death and destruction. All talk about evolution has done nothing to solve the inner development of inner “evolution” over thousands of generations.

    Is there such a thing as a forgotten God?


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  • 2 Hours of Mediation each day is bringing me closer to Navana .. and releasing the EGO!

    Aida De'Ceglie

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