The Dichotomy Between Illusional Personality and Essence

    The teachings in the VOLAH Transmissions emphasize the transformative power of imaging. As Zadore expounds, true imaging serves as a bridge, aligning one’s outer Personality with their inner Essence. But to understand this alignment, we first need to discern between the “Illusional Personality” and the genuine Essence of our being.

    For many, the journey of life is navigated through the lens of the Illusional Personality. This facet believes in its mastery over destiny, equating worldly success with spiritual importance. Such a perspective limits an individual's understanding of their inner Essence. When one says, "I have an eternal soul that will travel with my Personality," they're deeply ensconced in the grasp of the Illusional Personality. This limited view neglects the richer, multi-dimensional reality of one's Essence.

    Diseases and the fear of mortality further highlight the Illusional Personality's grip. Many hinge their hopes on the latest medical advancements, seeing them as their salvation from the inevitable end. But such a perspective overlooks the underlying battles—those of the numerous “I’s” or negative emotions. These “I’s”, as described in the teachings, can be likened to the demons Jesus cast out from individuals, emphasizing the need to break free from negative emotions that entrap the Personality within the Astral Illusion.

    Creating positive images is essential in breaking this cycle. But how does one do that? And what exactly constitutes an "image"? The common misunderstanding lies in equating imaging with visualization. Visualization often leans on the sensory-driven desires, potentially yielding unexpected results due to the interplay of energies. In contrast, true imaging aligns with Inner Truths, bearing no connection to the sensory-driven world.

    Our history is rife with instances where images, from religious portrayals to media icons, have shaped perceptions. Many worship representations of Jesus or other deities, grounding their beliefs in external, often distorted, images. Such beliefs miss the essence, leading followers further from the truth and deeper into illusion.

    The key to developing genuine images lies in understanding and feeling the interconnectedness of all things. When observing nature, for instance, acknowledging the inherent peace and strength in trees not only reveals the trees' inner state but also resonates with our own Essence. This interconnectedness challenges the conventional three-dimensional understanding, urging one to rise above and perceive the transparency of the Illusional world.

    Echoing Jesus's sentiment, though we exist in this world, we aren't bound by its illusions. Each individual has the intrinsic power to elevate their consciousness, recognizing the guiding Essence within. While teachings like the VOLAH Transmissions provide direction, the ultimate journey towards recognizing and embodying one's Essence is deeply personal. As Zadore states, there are no personal masters, only You can open your consciousness. Immerse in these teachings, practice daily, and let your inner Essence illuminate the path ahead.

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