The Child

Time and space give the apparent feeling of the progression from the past to now, it is always from the past to the eternal moment.

Everyone believes they have a future, which ends with the body’s death. Unfortunately both the past and future are an illusion, and knowing this, we have the potential to understand what actually is.

We have to realize that because the past is an illusion, it does not exist, and that it is only an accumulation of memories. Therefore the truth is that there is only the present moment.

Because we are consciousness there is only the now, where everything is, without time and space.

Living in consciousness everything occurs spontaneously, manifesting in time and space. Having our being in consciousness and living in the moment we observe this spontaneous action without any action on our part.

We are the eternal moment and without the I amness, there is nothing else except consciousness.

However, when we are aware of the spontaneous actions occurring in consciousness, at the same time we are still aware of the body’s existence, even though we have no attachment to the body. The body, like all objects that manifest in consciousness, appears and disappears.

Everyone is attached to a world view because their I amness is identified and attached to a body, which reflects their limitation and separation in consciousness. Believing they are their body, everyone acts and reacts through the changing sensual impressions and concepts which are accepted by the mind as being real.

As such, we have to see that the I amness and the mind are the result of ignorance and illusion, and cause problems, suffering and unhappiness which increases our limitation in consciousness.

The question we all ask when we become aware of the nature of this I amness is, where does it come from and why?

This is something we have to understand, yet although you can receive some pointers in these Transmissions, eventually you have to move deeper within and seek deeper understanding of what must be done to eliminate its influence in your consciousness.

First we have to become attuned to what occurs when the body comes into manifestation.

We readily accept that, because of our parents, the body came into existence. When having intercourse there was no thought of conception at that moment. The sexual act is is a natural progression for the manifestation of consciousness.

We next have to ask our Self what was present before conception took place.
The body is the result of two principles, which in the manifestation is the sperm and ovum. These two principles are not unique to the human body, but are active in the totality of Being. The principles are the positive and negative energies that underlie the continual manifestation of all life forms in consciousness.

The Pure Consciousness, the I AM, is responsible for the growth of the developing fetus in the womb. Following the baby’s exit from the birth canal it remains in the Consciousness until the death of the body.

After the body’s birth the parents unknowingly begin to condition the infant’s mind to the level of awareness where it begins to believe it is an individual.

Without any active intervention the I amness spontaneously appears, and through this I amness’ identification with the body, the body’s consciousness is separated from the pure source of Consciousness and becomes limited and totally dependent on the external senses.

Eventually the I amness will spontaneously disappear, but only when there is an awareness of the I AM, otherwise it disappears when the body dies.

From where does the I amness arise? Here you have to seek the answer within, where you will find that it lies latent in the I AM, the pure consciousness that is ever present.

The I amness is responsible for the continuance of the world illusion through all the different bodies, which in turn leads to the development of the conceptual mind that is shared by everyone in this illusion.

Without the conceptual mind we would never develop the awareness of our true nature. Although the conceptual mind limits our awareness and creates the desire for pleasure through attachments with people and objects, which creates periods of suffering and separation, it is these experiences that ultimately create the desire for greater freedom and understanding of who and what we truly are.

The I amness, which is the thought that I am a separate being from everything else is a state of duality, me and them, and prevents us from experiencing the state of oneness that we are.

We have to dig deep into our consciousness and realize that we are not the sperm and ovum, that we are the consciousness that preceded their coming. It is here that we know we are not the body, nor the I amness, that later created a limited and separated state of consciousness.

All desire and fear stem from the I amness, where it desires to be through attachment and identification. It manipulates the body to fulfil its desires, and when the the body is injured or becomes ill it fears for its continuation in the world. It knows that it has no reality and is only a thought that has no existence apart from the body.

We are so attached to the I amness that we think that it is us that fears, however, the body has no fear, only instincts that sense danger and automatically removes itself from sensed danger.

Observe how the I amness, through the action of the body/mind, desires material things in the attempt to create a sense of permanency. Unless we are aware that this is an illusion based on ignorance, on which we build our world, then we remain caught in the process of recurrence and repetition.

What we call concepts are the result of all the memories we have of past experiences, and are based on the ‘I’. I want, I am and so on. We have to watch and observe when these different I memories appear in our mind throughout the day and disregard them, which in turn weakens their presence.

As we weaken these ‘I’s we gradually become more peaceful within, allowing us to become aware of our true nature. After eliminating all these I’s what remains is the one thought – the I amness, which is now seen as nothing. Then this I will spontaneously disappear.

It was written that Jesus said that we have to be born again in the Light. However that was not a correct translation. We were never born and have always been. What Jesus actually wrote was that in our mind and awareness we remember that it was only a small body that was born into the world, and that we have always been. He said that we should become as we were when we were a little child living in the pure consciousness, and to be born in the realization and awareness of what we are – I AM.

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