Suicide - Euthanasia - Confusion

For a long time, we have been told by religions that when we are born as a body that after taking its first breath a soul emerges in that body, and when the body takes its last breath, the soul leaves the body.

However, whenever we question the concept of a soul, we never receive a clear answer to that question except that it is made up of God’s breath, and also it can easily be lost and will then need to be saved.

Yet, if a soul does not enter a body following its birth, then how does it become present? All these concepts refer to the soul being a spirit, something that cannot be seen, for it has no form. Therefore, if it is a spirit, it must permeate the atmosphere.

Although the vital force gives the body Life, we need to recognize that Life is consciousness. But the real soul is something else that cannot be seen and manifests through the body as ‘I’ or ego. This ‘I’ is a prime thought of existence where the mind thinks that the body is an individual being. However, the ego cannot be likened to being a soul because it is not good and only a thought of being I am. Because it comes with a body and goes when the body expires, it can only be a finite thought with no external meaning other than being attached to consciousness.

It is only because of religious concepts that dominate the condition of the human being that the soul is regarded as being a part of God existing in a living body and as such, must be protected at all costs, for to die, means that there is nothing to be saved. Having these concepts drilled into our minds as being something real leads us to fear that our souls will be destroyed through participating in suicide and euthanasia,

To realize that this is a crooked way of thinking and there is nothing natural about dying in the world because death happens through some form of disease, accident or actual murder. There is no order in the body’s death that a soul can never retain its prominence in God.

It follows that because of erroneous concepts such as this that we are led to believe that taking control of ending our life is different from any other death assuming that we have no right to assume any independence from God.

We love our pets so much that we do not want them to needlessly suffer and have no concept of having a Vet put them down, but when it comes to seeing our loved ones needlessly suffer in pain and reject their desire to end their life. No one knows the hopelessness one experiences through deep depression and physical and emotional pain that is ended by suicide. It can never be considered as being selfish or evil because such a decision comes out of an unbearable situation.

If we cannot understand the desires that afflict and drives someone to end their life nor what we would when personally assailed, then we should consider how an individual ended up taking their own life. A well-documented case was that of Vincent van Gough and would suggest you read the extract on Wikipedia. It is very revealing.

There is no hell or heaven for it is only a myth put together by men who wanted to dominate the thought that a soul was given to humanity by God and to deny its existence in the world as being a sin against God. If God was a reality, then he would work against humanity by making it a sin to destroy the body, and yet allow God’s work in nature to endlessly end human life through so-called natural causes and God would be a hypocrite.

It is timely that humanity should begin to re-assess the soul concept as well as many other concepts attributed to a God.

It should become obvious that when we accept such lies, we have no compassion for others as to what they undergo nor what would be the case if it was to happen to us in what way we would approach whatever outcome we would see fit to follow, and actually for society, it buries everything for the sake of simplicity.

A small quote here from Don McLean’s Song “Stary -Stary Night”

‘Like strangers that you meet, this ragged man in ragged clothes; the silver thorn of bloody rose, lie crushed and broken on the snow.

‘Now I think I know what you tried to say to me; how you suffered for your sanity; how you tried to set them free; they would not listen; they are not listening now. Perhaps they never will.

‘For they could not love you, but still your love was true, and when no hope was left inside on that stary, stary night, you took your life as lovers do.

‘But I could have told you Vincent the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.’


  • It has been a while since I read Jon Whistlers work. I reread this article several times as the concepts discussed are esoteric in nature.
    I agree with this post and am intrigued by the definition of the soul described here. Upon reflection, this article I believe to be correct and true and am haunted by Don McClean’s lyrics from Stary Night…
    Greatest thanks to the Emissaries of Volah for sharing.
    Kindest regards,
    Mark Harrison 1-28-23

    Mark Harrison
  • Well, different kind of situation, but similar intensity of experience, perhaps.
    Kind regards!

  • Thanks for the post, and thanks for sharing, Frances. I had a similar situation,
    where people close to me, almost passed on, at their own hands.

    Somehow my ‘faith’ kept me going, and in not intervening in their choices, it
    worked out that everyone survived. Thank goodness. This life is hard going.

    Love and Light, Blade :)

  • Thankyou for this point…my mother was in this situation and I did help her at the end and have always thought it a mark against me. Even when reading the Transmissions I gleaned that because this body belongs to the Earth I would have no authority to voluntarily terminate it.
    But within me I felt that to help my mother resolve an anguished situation was something I was prepared to shoulder.

    Frances Coghlan

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