Spiritual Rebirth: A Deeper Understanding

    When Jesus spoke of the need to be "reborn in the Spirit" to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he was pointing to a profound spiritual transformation, a journey that delves far beyond mere intellectual acceptance. It's a disservice to this profound teaching to merely shout affirmations or rely solely on momentary fervor without truly embodying the teachings of Jesus. True spiritual rebirth is not just a declaration, but a deep and enduring transformation.

    The misinterpretation of the scriptures, like the tale of the Disciple Paul's instant enlightenment, has led many to believe in the idea of instantaneous spiritual rebirth. It's a comforting thought to believe that enlightenment can be achieved in a fleeting moment. But, in reality, the path to spiritual rebirth and oneness with our highest self – the SELF – is a labor of love, dedication, and often spans across multiple lifetimes. Just as a student must critically analyze a text to distinguish the author's voice from the translator's, individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment must discern true teachings from misconstrued interpretations.

    Reflecting on the parable of the prodigal son provides further insight into our spiritual journey. Like the young man who left his father's home, lured by worldly desires, many of us have wandered far from our spiritual origins. We've become lost in the illusions of the physical world, mistaking our bodies and personalities as the entirety of our being. This deep immersion in the material world has distanced us from our true essence, leading us to mistakenly believe we are fully self-aware when, in reality, we are asleep to our higher SELF.

    Pointing out this state of spiritual slumber can be met with disbelief or ridicule. Many are not yet prepared to embark on this transformative journey, still tethered to worldly desires and societal conditioning. But for those who feel an inner calling, the journey towards spiritual rebirth and realization of the SELF is not a quest for something new. Rather, it's a return journey, a rediscovery of what was once known and lost. In this return, we must remain vigilant, discerning, and committed, shedding the illusions that have kept us asleep and reawakening to the profound reality of our true essence.


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  • So beautiful.. I am getting there well on my at 71 to spiritual enlightenment … I was brought up a strict Catholic, I have to work hard in seeing Jesus in a different light and not the light of man made Religion.

    Aida De'Ceglie

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