Out of the earth, with the presence of sun and water, seeds sprout and vegetation appears.
Out of the vegetation the essence of life is drawn.
Out of these essences comes the food for all beings.
Food is stored in the body’s form, and is continuously consumed by the vital force.
From this consumption by the vital force, the ‘I am’ is sustained.
To maintain the consciousness of the ‘I am’, the food essence, the body and the vital force are necessary.
Only then is the ‘I am’ or consciousness manifest.
When this consciousness is involved with the body/mind, the individual concept manifests.
The individual personality is conditioned by the body and mind.
The mind is filled with ideas. concepts and expectations.
The mind receives impressions through the five senses, and these impressions are stored as thoughts, concepts and memories.
When the consciousness is conditioned by the body/mind it manifests as an individual personality.
You have to eliminate identification and attachment with the body/mind to end the dominance of the personality.
When this occurs you are in consciousness, and are all that manifests.
This you have to realize.
Then everything Is, including your world and Self.
Being Self you are the primary cause for everything else to exist.
Now you abide in consciousness.
Are you now in a position to observe consciousness?
When you observe or witness consciousness, the vital force, the body/mind and their actions, you are no longer in the consciousness.
You are the consciousness and in a state of awareness, and awareness is stabilized in you.
In this state of awareness is it possible for you to continue to carry on with your worldly activities knowing you no longer have a manifested form.

You will not know your Self until you cast aside your body identification, and release the personal ‘I’ and the personality from your consciousness.
Then all that remains is Consciousness and the knowledge I A M.

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