Silence has no beginning or end. It is causeless and has its existence before the beginning of everything. it's our true nature.

Understanding relates to knowing that we can never perceive ourself, because we are, is what we’re perceiving. As such, you will never find yourself following different systems and teachings that are based on the mind and the body’s senses, because what you are seeking you already are.

When you know that you are not a body, senses or mind, and that these have no reality and need consciousness to be known - you will naturally give up and become one in Silence - a silence that is Truth.

You cannot find your real nature, or look for truth in enlightenment. Our real nature is not an object and cannot be perceived.

Being aware of this you will stop looking, and then you will find that what you call the looker is what you are looking for.

There is nothing you have to do because the way is free, non-volitional, and unintentional.

To find more about the Silence see “I AM One Light Shining” in the Light Pulsations Books on this website.

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