Separation has constantly been happening and often it has been for a very long time. I remember the very first time when you left. You were wearing a purple robe with a hood that covered your face. I begged and pleaded that I could come with you. But you were adamant.

I said that I would change my form to that of an animal so I could walk and protect you and you said no and disappeared.

When we met again you said that you would find me, and that was a glorious moment that lasted, but once more you left.

‘It is for your benefit’ you said. ‘But this will be the last that we separate. It won’t be long this time.’

And you left once more. But, I remembered what you said, and I know where because there is no time where you are, for it will be in the next moment. You said that from then, we will never be separated again because we are now one, you in me, and me in you. There is no more waiting, for you have never left.

No more separation, isn’t that something and although that has already happened, it is filled with joy and excitement.

It is sad to watch individuals suffer and realize that it is all because we think that living in time with a body with the fear of not being remembered somehow allows us to maim, injure, and kill hundreds and thousands of bodies just for someone else’s ideals.

That’s not new because men have considered they have some inner power to destroy just for their own purpose and amusement. We say they are evil, and rightly so, and have little true consciousness that would allow them to repent. They die with their shoes on and are only remembered for the tragedy they have forced on others as well as the Earth.

People pay lip service to the Earth when witnessing its beauty and how it strives to provide for all its creatures, having no agenda nor any concept of destruction, for what we call natural disasters are only the source of renewal and healing.

But humans care little for the animals of the environment unless it is personal for them, for they are an enigma, selfish, ignorant and devoid of a sense of understanding anything other than what affects their wellbeing, or those with whom they have a relationship.

I exhibit no emotion for what they do because they are only destroying themselves, and he is the first to complain when they feel put upon.

In the level of consciousness shared by humanity, they know not what they do because they are controlled by circumstance, and such circumstances keep them bound in their own ignorance.

Unless they awaken and see the folly of their way they will continue to see life as something that occurs personally to them and live separated from their real nature having to continually return and do it all again.

I will conclude with some thoughts on our Earth.

The colors of Nature in its beauty bring delight to the soul in joy, awe and peace of its natural garden.

Nature has much to brighten our minds and feelings where we can go and spend hours just giving our love to Nature that the planet affords.

It is a beautiful planet, a gem in the Solar System. Now that we have seen photographs of the Earth from space its beauty is undeniable.

So why do we attack something so beautiful just for greed and power?

Shame on humanity who have lost their souls!


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  • War no matter how justified is ever right! Killing anything for greed and power is something that makes me so emotional :(

    Aida De'Ceglie

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