Everyone searches when they lose something whether it is money or the car key. However, often some of our lost items are never found and pop up some years later. Jesus often likened the Kingdom of Heaven as being similar to something lost and found and it is a good analogy.

So, why are people searching to find God, not only in a religious way but also on a personal level? This concept suggests that somehow, at one time we knew God on an intimate level and lost that contact, and now we have to search and find something we once possessed.

Of course, we always use words to represent everything, such as heaven, God, Self and so on, and these are only words that others have ascribed as having importance and meaning in our lives, but they are only concepts that somehow we accept as being a reality.

We are all told that we have a life that generally relates to being a body living in a world of opportunities, but it is not so obvious that this is not the true meaning of Life.

Actually, life is being, being the Truth and Reality of who and what we are, and that is not being a body, which is an object that is only fit to be used in the world to experience and communicate consciousness.

So, we can say that consciousness is life, but, if that is so, then what is the need for all this searching?

Within the Awareness of Being there are states that constitute the reflection of the Nature of Awareness. We cannot limit awareness but some of its obvious states are Peace, Love, and Joy as well as Life and Light and much more. Life is seen as the core reflection of the Awareness of Being manifesting in the Universe.

As such, life is the nature of what we are, and this life expresses itself in action, movement and Joy. This makes us alive. We all feel it as it manifests as movement, dance, and song. We naturally sing and move through a body and as a small child, we do what comes naturally in song, movement, happiness and joy.

Life and Joy flow through human consciousness unhindered and expresses it outwardly from the core of our being, needing no search and is no mystery. All we do is allow it to be imbibing in the Joy of moving and singing and that is Life. We enjoy listening to those whose voices reach the heights of Love and Joy, taking us with them to unending heights of our true Nature in Being.

There are those who are Deva’s who are blessed with voices that take us on a journey to heavenly heights where we experience the wonders of all that are beyond any manifestations.

So you see, there is no need to search for you have not lost anything, for everything is present within you. We all possess a love of song and movement and all we have to do is to become aware of this gift that we all share equally.


  • It’s why I like watching kids so much. So beautiful.

  • Humming, whistling, dancing, listening to my wide range of music, listening to the sounds of nature, watching the leaves of a tree weaving in the wind, a sea of grass rippling too… amen, joy in the movement of Life. And in gradually letting go of all attachment, receiving it all back twofold.


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