Rolling Thunder


When we communicate with each other neither of us actually listens to what is being said and we only hear whatever corresponds to what matches our own thoughts and concepts.

Still, over and above that, we never take the time to stop and pay attention to the subtle thoughts and feelings that emanate from the inner voice that we call intuition. When we do pay attention to such intuitions, it is not with our ears but in the quietness that we hear the voice of God.

Over the last twenty years, we have witnessed a multitude of disastrous events that have changed the way by which we live. These events have produced death and hardship that has kept us in a state of fear and anxiety for the future. And we have to ask whether something is trying to grab our attention?

At the beginning of this century, we were assailed by an earthquake high on the Richter scale that caused a tsunami that destroyed life and property across South Asia and the Sub Continent.

Such was the first stage of fear and insecurity that gripped the world, which was followed by increasing numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Although this generated fear no one was listening.

Following on during the ongoing years, the world experienced damage, floods, and loss of life through massive cyclones, hurricanes, monsoons. 

Greater fear and insecurity followed, but they were still not listening. Who or what is seeking our attention?

Then a second tsunami hit northern Japan destroying life and whole cities. Then the answer appeared, not from within, that the cause of all these catastrophes was climate change, or at that was the outcome of the discussions of a group of scientists.

The events continue with disastrous fires over Europe, Russia, California  Australia and the Amazon with the death of many people and the destruction of forests and property, and maybe now some are beginning to hear murmurs, but not loud enough.

Now the plague has come in the form of a virus, something unseen that has no way of being stopped until it has run its course. Governments scramble to try and contain it through activating measures that only place people in comprimizing positions of hardship and fear. But the virus will still run its course. What people do not understand that in the greater scheme of consciousness there is nothing they can do.

As well the global warming at present is forgotten, because there is a more dangerous thing occurring, than something that was activated by a group of activists and not the earth’s consciousness.

But they are still not listening, perhaps they never will.

What are we supposed to be hearing? Obviously it is not a wrathful God nor the Earth getting its revenge or the result of human ignorance needing to fix circumstances that they have caused. What is happening is a spontaneous occurrence in consciousness that is attempting to readjust itself.

So what is being readjusted? All the suffering that as human beings experience is the result of the belief that the body is their self. This is an illusion, because the Self is eternal without beginning or end, whereas the body is finite having a birth and death. But by identifying our consciousness with the body we become isolated and separated from our true nature and Self.

It is this separation that led us to accept a world that is based on our senses and the knowledge we accept as being true knowledge has no reality. It is only by casting aside the value of this outer knowledge based on concepts and turning our attention within that we will communicate with the pure consciousness within intuitively and live in love, peace, and joy free from all ignorance, selfishness, suffering, and insecurity. Right now we are being forced to restrict our outer contact with the world and look more deeply into what is our real nature and consciousness. This is why all these disasters have been occurring, and it is now we should realize this and change our lives for the better. If we ignore this opportunity and when the virus passes fall asleep again then we will have to continue to experience further catastrophes until we recognize the error of our ways.

When you experience the inner oneness and peace then no matter whatever occurs in this world will have no meaning for you because you are no longer of the world, as Jesus once said.

Turn away from all fear and illusion and experience the peace and joy of living in the fulfillment of being what you are. Turn inward and listen with your heart.

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