Rivers of Light


A Horse With Wings

Imagine this:

You are riding a horse with wings. Clinging precariously to the back of something that feels like silk stretched over a volcano. Your heart is in your mouth. Suns, planets, moons - spin past. Your winged horse carries you into the sweep of a galactic arm scooping endless stars into a river of light.

The river dashes into the whirling eddy of the galactic core. You have never seen so much energy in one place - boiling, bubbling, churning. The blood of suns, boiling: the incandescent bubbling of one hundred-billion stars; the churning of constellations like white foam: all that surging malstrom of life.

And the horse with wings is plunging headlong into the chaos.

Will you survive?

Blink, and you are there. One second inside the largest tornado in existence, then - blink - and absolute peace surrounds you. The horse folds its wings and allows you to slide off.

What dimension is this? Everywhere you look spheres are stringing like shining beads on crystalline threads. You think of dewdrops on a never-ending spider web  until you see the transparent skin that connects each dewdrop to the other. And you think of bubbles in a pool of water. A pool that continues for ever and ever.

Each bubble is a world - a universe. In rainbow colored waves, ripples of feeling flicker across the endless trembling skin of light, from universe to universe. Look deep into one shining world. Something is changing there - something is happening. And the rainbows flicker the message, and every other universe feels and knows.

There is no finish to it, and no beginning.

It is everything.

Worlds without end.

Now look deeper into that pulsing world. The changes you see are the ripples of your own Self.Make it count!

There is no End

There is no Beginning

All there really is … is Living.

Kao Wa Mai

Tell Me A Story

‘Tell me a story,’ said Little Hoss.

‘All right,’ said Granny Hoss. ‘Sit down comfortably, because this is going to be the best story you will ever hear,’ 

Little Hoss cuddled up next to Granny on the soft grass. Over their heads the sky began to fill up with with stars that twinkled like distant fires. Granny looked up at the stars.

‘This is a story of how you were born, Little Hoss. Here on earth. Mom and Pop were waiting for you to arrive. Your little body was in your Mom’s tummy and was waiting for the right moment to come out of its warm nest and begin living on its own.’

‘But not all on its own,’ said Little Hoss. ‘Because I live with Mom and Pop and you.’

‘Of course,’ said Granny. ‘But you can run around and do things by yourself. Now, Little Hoss, shall I keep telling you the story or not?’

‘Yes Granny!’ Little Hoss shouted. ‘Tell the story!’

‘Then cuddle up a little closer,’ said Granny

‘Now here on earth Mom and Pop waited. And inside Mommy’s tummy your baby body waited for the moment to be born. But you were not there with it … No’

‘Where was I, Granny?’ asked Little Hoss.

‘You were in the Great Light, Little Hoss. You were a Light living in the Great Light, and you were waiting for the right moment to enter the little baby body, so that you could enter the Earth.

‘Then the right moment came. You started on a wonderful journey. You were a Light brighter than any of those stars up there, and when you walked along through the star fields you sprinkled the Light like stardust, so that it fell on everything and rippled out like the waves of the sea, all light and shining and alive.

‘You were a most beautiful sight, You danced amongst the stars and spread your Light, and the stars called you then Star Dancer. They gathered around you to watch you dance your way down to Earth, and there were so many stars crowding together that they looked like fluffy, piled-up clouds.

‘Down you went, dancing towards the wonderful blue-lit Earth. It was waiting for you to come, and so was the little baby-body, and the little baby body breathed and cried out its first “Hello”! Then you were in the baby-body and looked through its beautiful eyes and saw the Earth’

‘Granny, are you a Light too? Did you dance down the Star-path to a baby-body and be born too?’ asked Little Hoss.

‘Of course I did. That is how we all come to Earth. And while we live here and grow, we have to shine our Light on everything and love everything, and keep on shining and loving all the time. Then one day, when our body gets too old and worn out to shine any more, we leave it behind on the Earth. Off we go dancing up the Star-path and meeting our friends the star-clouds we dance and dance our way back to the Great Light.’

Little Hoss thought this was story she had ever heard. Because now she knew how she was born. She was a Light that danced its way to Earth, and now poured out its Light - sprinkles over everything. And when she grew up and was a Mom herself, she told Grannys story to her own Little Hoss, because she knew this was everyone’s story and not just hers.

By Kao Wa Mai - A native American children’s story.

On The Way To … Somewhere

I did that once: put my foot in a dinosaur’s footprint.

Somewhere in New Mexico.

Under the shadow of Black Mesa.

In an arroyo of scorched sides,

Worn to dust by a vanished river.

Dry everywhere, only the soak of last night’s rain

In patches of damp clay

Thin brown stalks of waving grass

And the proof in stone that a dinosaur walked this way.

I measured my shoe in the canyon of its print

Seeing the mighty leg above the foot

The mighty head and body above the leg

A mountain plodding across a mud flat on its way to … somewhere.

The sky is blue clear and empty

The land is golden, still and curiously silent

What thundered by here once, has gone forever,

Leaving us with a petrified message; I existed.

Crossing the damp mud, my footsteps made their own impression

Of life on the way to … somewhere

Under the baking sun, will it remain

Turned into stone; the memory of a brief moment in this place?

Kao Wa Mai


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