Remembering our Walk of Life

The transmissions have one major purpose and that is to assist us to remember yourself. It is only by self-remembrance that you will be able to become once again the Being of Light that you already are.

Freedom is at hand now; you only have to desire it.

By empowering your Light Being instead of the self-centered Ego, you can free yourself from the nine-to-five body controlled by authority figures who grind your consciousness to the lowest stations on this planet.

Do not allow fear instilled by the Astrals to keep you locked into this degraded state. You must stand up and say "Enough is enough" to become self-empowered for the correct reasons. As you turn away from all the fear created within you by such entities, they will be cast aside, powerless to act against the Light flowing through you and Humankind, and the Earth itself.

The desire for freedom constantly burns in the hearts of Humankind, and these Transmissions will fan the flames to freedom within.

Your walk of life appears unique to you, or that is what you are led to believe. Is it unique to be downtrodden, to suffer indignities daily, to live in poverty, to continually desire wealth? Your freedom does not lie in the hands of others. You have the freedom to choose, and it will be so easy, for all you need is to desire it – you are already One Light.

In your walk of life, it is important that you recognize the necessity of caring for your body; for if you are expressing Light you need to make sure that it is received in its totality. If you care for your body, you will also care for the Earth.

As you walk your way through accomplishment you acquire patience, which adds peace, a peace in the knowledge that everything is in THE LIGHT; you only have to act it out. So, plan your projects, accomplish them, but do not become attached to them – leave them for the benefit of the Earth.

That is the Walk of Life.

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