Redirecting Our Will With Purpose and Intention

    In our journey through life, we often encounter a profound impasse—a barrier that seems to separate us from our true selves, our Essence, and inner being. This barrier, as revealed through Zadore's Transmissions, is not an insurmountable wall of stone, but something much more malleable, yet equally formidable: our own will. It's a fascinating concept that our will, the very energy powering our desires, becomes the obstacle to achieving inner union and freedom.

    Understanding the nature of will and its role in chaining us to the Astral Illusion is pivotal. Our will, when aligned with our sensory desires, veers us away from our Essence, binding us to negativity, vanity, and covetousness. This misalignment distances us from the Light and Love intrinsic to our true nature. However, recognizing this barrier is the first step towards dismantling it. Transformation of consciousness is a personal endeavor—no external initiation or intellectualization can ferry us to the realms of Light. It is through self-effort, awareness, and, importantly, the redirection of our will towards our Essence, that we can achieve true enlightenment.

    But how do we redirect our will? The transmissions point towards the development of a Positive ‘I’, a beacon of desire that yearns not for the material or ephemeral but for Essence itself. This desire, rooted in faith and trust in something greater than our Personality and sensory being, initiates the profound transformation of consciousness. It's a journey that demands observation, discernment, and the courage to face and diminish the power of the 'I's that dominate our lives, chaining us to the illusion.

    Moreover, the process of transformation extends beyond personal liberation. It involves a communal awakening, a collective shift in consciousness towards a higher understanding and harmony. Zadore’s transmissions guide us through this path, offering a blueprint for not only personal enlightenment but also for elevating the collective consciousness of humanity.

    The implications of this teaching are vast, extending beyond the personal to the societal. By recognizing and working through the barrier of will, we embark on a transformative journey. This path not only promises personal liberation and union with our Essence but also holds the potential for a collective shift towards a more enlightened, compassionate, and harmonious world. It's a clarion call to awaken from the illusion, to redirect our will with purpose and intention, and to embrace our true nature and potential.

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