Reclaiming Your Light Essence in a World Dominated by Illusion

What is the illusionary nature of human life and the need to find the truth within oneself? The Light Being, who assumed a human body, unites the Absolute and Creation, and helps humanity to discover the source of Light within their being. However, humanity often fails to recognize its divine nature, as it is preoccupied with material and superficial aspects of life.

The illusory self, a product of hereditary and false education, hinders humans from realizing their true potential. You should live from the center of your being, the hub of the wheel of life, where peace resides. This requires moving away from external events and distractions that perpetuate fear, misery, and helplessness.

Religions often confuse the perception of Divinity, creating gods that serve and protect humanity. The belief in a god prevents humans from realizing their own divinity and expressing it through their unique being. Life is not the repetitive cycle of wars, famine, and economic instability; it is the beauty of nature, the harmony of the cosmos, and the eternal moment.

Remember to find the eternal moment and experience the love of Self and others. This will allow you to saturate your life with Light, leading to a more meaningful and purposeful existence. As humans embrace their divine nature, they can uplift the Creation and bring Light into the world.

‘The way has been prepared and the path is straight, except that you cannot see the way. Everything in Nature points the direction for your inward journey, so you only have to become silent and discover the Eternal Moment in Life. Here, your life takes on meaning and purpose, where your daily work, which is your life’s expression, becomes Light in Action.

‘Now you stop reacting to the repetitive events of outer personality and saturate your mind, feelings and work with the Light that flows through your Personality into the outer Dimension, where the Light is made flesh and uplifts the Creation.’

Zadore's message highlights the importance of connecting with one's divine self and realizing the truth of one's existence. Humanity has been living in an illusionary world, mistaking the outer realm of life as reality. This illusionary self is not what one truly is and comes from a past that lacks awareness of their divine self. The illusory self is a reflection of an unnatural state that one accepts as reality. Humanity has created many gods, but they do not represent the creative impulse of Light. Religion, built on the supposition of a God's existence, prevents humans from realizing their divinity.

Living through a Personality that accepts the historical teaching of many generations places your awareness of Life outside the realm of Light and consciousness. By living from the center of your Being, one can experience the peace and power of the Eternal Moment, where everything affecting the outer realm is known as a repetitive motion over the same surface. Life is the beauty of nature, and the average human being has become divorced from it. To live in the Eternal Moment, you must take time out every day to feel the consciousness of nature, instilling the emotion of love and becoming in touch with the reality of Life. By loving oneself, one can love others and experience the good within oneself. By becoming silent and discovering the Eternal Moment in Life, your life takes on meaning and purpose, where your daily work becomes Light in Action, uplifting the Creation.

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  • So beautiful, so meaningful.i see the light shining on the earth to all humans on planet Earth 🙏

    Aida De'Ceglie

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