Pure Consciousness

In the outer manifestation, which is the universe, consciousness only manifests where there is an object present to reflect the light of pure awareness from the Absolute Consciousness. Without the manifestation of an object or form consciousness is only a potentiality, that is, it lacks the awareness to be.

Without the existence of your body there is no manifest consciousness. Therefore, for consciousness to manifest, pure awareness reflects its light on the body, and this light reflects the body in consciousness.

Understanding who or what you are requires contemplation on how the body came into manifestation. We know that the moment of conception is when there is a union between the male and female, the sperm attaches to the ovum which begins the body’s formation. However, the manifest body only appears in the world nine months later.

The Absolute Self, being ever present, modifies and nurtures the development of the body during the nine months in the womb and continues its presence following the birth, to shine through the outer consciousness as awareness. The body in the initial stages of growth reflects the Absolute consciousness; however, when this consciousness is limited by the I amness, the Absolute consciousness remains present in the background.

The moment the body leaves its host the vital force is breathed into the body,
and the pure awareness manifests. The pure awareness and the body are now subject to existing in time and space. Time is the duration the body manifests in consciousness, and space is where the body is reflected in consciousness.

Once the body’s consciousness is activated by the vital force, awareness arises and
with it the thought that ‘I am, and I have existence’. Now the I am is identified and attached to the body and pure consciousness becomes limited.

The outer manifestation is ever changing as forms are constantly emerging while other forms are breaking down and disappearing. This happens not only at the worldly level but also on a universal scale.

The limited consciousness that the human being has accepted prevents any understanding of any other existence outside its limited consciousness. Regardless of the presence of the personal ‘I’ or personality, the body always remains in the Absolute consciousness until it dies. What is important here is to realize that the body is in the Absolute consciousness and not, as everyone assumes, that the Absolute consciousness is in the body.

There is only one consciousness, and at the manifest level of the body this consciousness, for its continual existence, requires the frequent ingestion of food elements. There is only one Absolute Self and all forms have their being in the Self.

Every form is important and is connected to Self through the manifest consciousness. With the body consciousness the I am arises, limiting the Self consciousness to the body consciousness. This creates the separation between the body mind and the Self.

Such limitation prevents the Pure Awareness of Self from reflecting the eternal consciousness through the body to the manifest consciousness. All forms reflect awareness from Self to the manifest consciousness where consciousness becomes aware of consciousness. With the human being, this is limited and l the personality experiences pain, suffering and separation from its universal being.

The body consciousness is further reduced as the I amness develops concepts based on information through the outer body senses, creating a dependence on knowledge that is limited, imaginary, based on fantasy and illusion.

We can only return to being what we are, the Absolute Self consciousness and awareness, by understanding that we are not the body and its sensual nature. We cannot discard the body, but return it to its original state within the Absolute Self. To accomplish this we have to cut free the I amness, the Personal I and the illusion-based thought that I am.

This can only occur when we move our conscious away from the outer sensual body/mind attachment and release that pure awareness which has been called the ‘watcher’, which has always been present unchanging, while the body follows a continual changing pattern from birth to the grave.

The pure consciousness, through the ‘watcher’ function, dispassionately observes all the ‘I’ thoughts that surface from within the body/mind and sees that these are illusional thoughts belonging to the I amness and, being illusional, have no existence. Eventually, through the constant observations of the ‘watcher’, the I amness returns to its source in the Absolute consciousness. When this occurs, the ‘watcher’ also disappears, all that remains is the Absolute Self.

What is experienced when the watcher disappears into Self cannot be expressed by words, because in consciousness words do not exist. Thoughts and words belong to the body/mind, and, as such, what is beyond and higher than the mind cannot be reduced to speech or writing,

When you end all desires for things of the world and all forms of conditioning, including the thought that you have the power to do and change things in your life, you will reach your true reality, being what you are. You cannot know your Self, because you cannot know what you are, you can only be Self. To know Self would mean that you are separate from Self, and if you are separate, you remain in the illusion of the I amness.

In our consciousness the ‘watcher’ appears to arise from nowhere. However, this is not so, because the ‘watcher’ has always been present. It is of the Absolute awareness and is eternal. When we reach an inner state of awareness through questioning who or what we are and where we came from, we begin to sense the presence of the ‘watcher’.

The problem we all experience in life is why the I am or Personal I attaches itself to the body, even though this I am has no existence, and, being a thought, it cannot manifest in time and space. So having no existence, it is obviously illusionary. However, it identifies with the body, and uses the body/mind to assert its I amness. This assertion and attachment to the body creates a oneness with the body consciousness which, as we said earlier is dependent on the vital force for its continual existence. The I amness through the personality believes that it is the self in the body. The more this self desires sensual objects and feelings, the greater its separation from Self and the I AM.

Some people move their consciousness beyond the mass herd consciousness and become what the world calls ‘doers’. These people accrue greater attachment to the world where power and wealth are their goals. They use their personality to control the mass of humanity, who have always given their lives and rights to authorities. Unfortunately, these so-called leaders have completely separated their consciousness from the Absolute source of consciousness, and live within their sensual consciousness, becoming identified with their world and attachments to objects and relationships with others, believing this will lead to happiness.

Zadore has said that no one can change the world, but they have to change their concept of the world within. What is your world? It is the total externalization of your consciousness; your likes and dislikes; your ignorance; your concepts that are only imitation of other peoples concepts. Most of all, it is the desire to have, to increase your attachments to objects, such as wealth and possessions. You believe you have the power to change this world, and you use your wealth and attachments to create the desired changes in your favour. You do not know who or what you are so nothing changes. You continually live in the past and create a future based on expectations.

When people try and change the world as they perceive it to be, they become frustrated and unaware that they live in a mechanical repetitious state, which cannot be altered, and they fall asleep to the reality they seek. The outer world is in a constant flux and everything appears to happen. It is the flow of objects on a universal stage of consciousness which produces manifestations that are out of the control of individual personalities.

For instance, since the first manifestation of human consciousness with the body, there has existed within an inner conflict due to the separation from the I AM. This inner conflict is externalized as mass wars between communities and countries. Wars only happen, and for thousands of years war has been the constant companion of humanity, and nothing can be done to end this repetitious cycle. Humanity is unable to end their waring nature, and until they stop being at war within themselves and with one another on a personal level, there will never be an end to war.

When you begin to question the state of the world, your world, you begin to move your consciousness inwardly where eventually the ‘watcher’ appears and you begin to understand the function of the body mind. The deeper the level of observation, the more the I amness begins to lose its power over the body and the mind, and the result is that the mind becomes quieter and quieter and you begin to sense the presence of peace where all the thoughts become insignificant.

When the thoughts stop, realization appears. When the I amness returns to its source and disappears there is the silence of the Absolute awareness – the I AM that I AM.

As we have previously stated, no one can express in words what is inwardly experienced. There is nothing that you can do to reach this Oneness in Light. There is nothing to desire, because you can only Be, and allow everything, because you are everything.

Give no heed to what others are doing in the world. There is nothing for you to do. Go deeper within and your world ceases to exist, because it was only an illusion. Release all thoughts and concepts. Most of all become aware that you are not the body, because when you relate everything to the body you cannot be what you are.

You are consciousness and the body reflects that consciousness. The Absolute consciousness through its awareness of the reflected consciousness, becomes aware of Its Self.

Initially you have to make an effort to observe the body/mind and the I amness. Constantly passively observing the mind, you perceive the illusion of the I amness and its world.

Once you reach this understanding there is no need for any further effort, because you will realize that there is nothing you can do, because it is all illusion and you are nothing. Now you become quiet and be, still watching and observing the flow of thoughts. Allow, be and become.

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