Pure Awareness and Consciousness

Pure Awareness and Consciousness

What we have understood from studying the Transmissions is that our knowledge of consciousness is limited to the body and the illusory world we live in.

This worldly consciousness is based on duality, which means that there is me and something separate from me. We are the manifestation of those thoughts and concepts that maintain our sense of duality.

Zadore’s Transmissions are based on oneness, or no duality; hence, Jon Whistler’s first book, ‘One Light’ reflects this non dual state of being and consciousness.

We have already looked at the duality of concepts and desires, as well as the I am, thoughts and personality. We know that these states limit consciousness and foster the feeling of duality, which is enhanced by the sensual knowledge we rely on to function in the world.

In the previous two transmissions we reached the understanding of Being and the universal state of consciousness. To elevate our awareness beyond the limitation of I am, we have to separate our outer consciousness from all identification with the body, because as long as we continue to identify with the body we remain in a state of duality.

When we reach that level of awareness of the universal consciousness, we are still living in a state of duality; however, it is at a new level of consciousness. Here, it is where Being is separated from the Eternal Self.

Everything has its existence within the Eternal Self and is not separate from Self. However, as we related in the last Transmission, that to reach a state of mind where we are no longer inhibited by a constant flow of thoughts from the body/mind, we have to still the mind.

While we continue to identify with the body we cannot still the mind. Thoughts will continue to generate and we become frustrated, because we believe we can actually stop our thoughts from rising in the mind. How can the mind control its own function? It can’t. Often some people resort to the practice of meditation to exclude extraneous thoughts. They continually focus their attention on a single thought to the exclusion of all other thoughts. If they are successful then their meditation is complete, because they have attained what they set out to do, and now have to somehow eliminate that thought. Then what remains? Nothing. They return to the body and the world.

Stilling thoughts is not an active process. It is the outcome of passive observation that reduces the power of thoughts entering consciousness. You stop these thoughts and weaken them by ignoring them. If you meet someone who is annoying and negative, you will eventually ignore them and shun their company. The same applies to these unwanted thoughts, ignore them.

Once these thoughts are stilled, what remains? Is it not your ever present Self?

You may reach this state and experience nothing. You try harder to return to that state of nothingness, always expecting something that you have read or been told that you should now be experiencing, and still nothing happens.

So what has gone wrong? You have to realize that you are still expecting something that you have developed by your mind, something that is a fantasy and imagination.
We have been taught by the world to live in expectation and set goals, and even now, after all this work, we still resort to old habits, which is comparing the inner consciousness with the outer world consciousness.

Where you are now is that you have to come to an understanding and realization that you have to stop limiting your consciousness with the body and mind, because that is still happening .

You cannot compare the outer consciousness with what’s within, they are separate states within Self, where one is an illusion and the other a reality. In the world everyone lives out their life clinging to past experiences, thoughts and memories.

We think there is a future which is based on expectations and perceived results that are only illusions. We say there is a past, which we remember, and what we are presently experiencing is the future of our past actions. However, we will say again there is only the present moment, and only in this moment you are the consciousness of the I AM. You cannot experience the Pure Consciousness in the past or future, it is only in the present moment that you can be what you are.

Within the Eternal Consciousness everything is complete and perfect. The problem lies with the mind and thoughts that identify with the world, time and space, where we see everything from our limited perspective.

When you seek to be that consciousness which is your true nature, you cannot become locked into the outer world of thoughts and emotions based on body actions.

You cannot become one in perfection and return to the sensual consciousness. You have to realize this and become quiet without any expectations. Another reason you experience nothing when thought stops, is because you have not listened to your inner feelings. We just said that when you become quiet during the day, the I AM is present, but you never give this any thought and begin the thought process in the mind again. During the day there are periods when the mind rests, and it is then that you should direct your awareness to Being. How can you experience what you continually ignore?

You have to come to the realization of what it means to Be. To Be means that you know that there is nothing you can do, and nothing to desire, even to Be. All you have to do is allow. Do not want or expect, just allow. Move out of your head, because while you continue to live in your head you cannot become anything. When you know that you live every day just being, allowing and accepting everything as it is, then you are becoming one in consciousness.

Then, without thought or expectation, the inner Light shines. There are no words or thoughts, because these are non existent in Self. You are Self – allow everything to be.

Know this: I am everything; I do not have to go anywhere, because I am everywhere; I have no desires or wants, because I have all; I know nothing because I know everything. The only knowledge there is, is that I AM.

Live then in this pure Light where there are no thoughts, time, space or illusion.

Now you are forever.

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