Prayer is the direct contact between the inner Light Essence and the Eternal Self. Here, in silence, we become one with the Absolute Consciousness.

Jesus said: ’When you wish to pray, enter into your private room and when you have shut the door pray to your Father who dwells in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will render your due.

‘In your prayer, do not reply on empty repetition, as the pagans do, thinking that their many words will ensure them hearing. Do not copy them, for God your Father know your wants before you ask Him.
‘This is how you should pray:
‘Our Father in Heaven
Your name be hallowed; Your kingdom come;
Your will be done;
As in heaven, so on earth;
Give us the bread of life to-day;
And forgive us our debts,
As we have forgiven our debtors
And do not bring us to ordeal;
And save us from evil.’

As Jesus said, that unlike the pagans, who repeat their repetitious prayers loudly using a shopping list; and different aids such as beads and prayer wheels; say prayers from prayer books written by others; expecting that their God will answer what they want, and not need.

Who then is the god that different sects pray to? The gods of humanity are created by the religious followers in their own human image, and are only male. As such, humanity’s gods are only as great as the power attributed to them by those who believe in a particular god. When a religion no longer provides the level of security, the power of their god declines.

The question that needs to be asked is, are there any gods, or is it only a figment of one’s imagination based on religious conditioning, fear and insecurity?

In previous Transmissions we have established that the mass of humanity is taught in the illusion believing that their body is their real self and that they are separate individuals, having the power to create their own destiny. As such, do they need a god?

Jesus did not teach that heaven and hell are specific places in the manifestation, rather, he taught that the Kingdom of Heaven exists within our consciousness; and we can only experience this kingdom by changing the way we think and act in the world, here on earth; that it is not a separate world that exists for everyone following the body’s death. The Kingdom of Heaven is for the living and not the dead.

We need the manifestation of the body in consciousness in order that we can, through becoming aware of what this body conscious is reflecting, realize the truth of our being.

For consciousness to manifest as a body there is the necessity that the body regularly consumes food and water, without which, the body dies, and everything returns to its original source, and there is no consciousness after the death state.

If there is no particular god then what is the need for prayer? In the present time it has become quite obvious that many preachers, priests and church leaders do not believe that there is a god, but they do not openly voice this. Some of the disbelievers suggest that god then is love, peace and bliss, however, they are unable to experience this state through the religious theology and creeds.

Jesus said that we should love others as we love our self. ‘If you love the people who love you, what reward do you get? Do not even tax-collectors do as much? And if you are gracious to your brothers only what special goodness have you shown? Do not even the pagans show as much?

‘You must be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect. In all respects then, treat your fellow man as you would wish them to treat you.’

By understanding our true nature we reflect our true Self, and this does not include the personality and body which are finite and not perfect. In the world love is considered as having a sexual relationship, which is basically only entertainment with limited pleasure.

Love, Peace and Bliss do not belong to the world and cannot be experienced through bodily contact.

We begin to love others initially by allowing them to be, to do whatever they have to without any interference on our part. In other words, we should not exert our will or ideas on others, which have little value in the world. All we have to do is apply the rule Jesus gave us, which is now called the golden rule.

How do you apply this rule in your life? You cannot love another until you perceive in them the Self that underlies everyone’s consciousness. Unfortunately, now you only perceive the illusionary personality in others and this results in separation and individuality.

When you perceive what exists beyond the limited personality, which is the realized Self, then you will be aware of the Self that is your true nature. So how can you not love another, which reflects your true nature.

When you retire from the outer world and pray, your prayers are directed to the Eternal Self, which is you. We should ask what is the underlying purpose of the prayer Jesus taught. First we realize that we should not pray for material things or the power over others.

It is a prayer for the recognition of the Eternal Self; and the true nature that we have forgotten. This is our trespass. We ask for understanding where we can love the whole consciousness of the true Self.

It is a prayer is turned inward, and is an example of how we should pray. WE must first acknowledge the truth of our being and our true nature. In this way we can pray for guidance and turn away from the world to the peace that exists beyond all illusion.

We can pray for others who are in pain and suffering; caught in the horror of wars .

Our prayer of Love should be directed to those close to us who are in pain and suffering from bodily ills and pain.

All our prayers should end in – Thy will – not my will – be done.
When you pray to the Eternal Self, which has no personality, individuality, body or concepts, you will draw your consciousness away from the world and reside in the Eternal consciousness which is everywhere, awaiting our oneness in Self’

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