Our Return to "I"

When we are born, we start with just "I". Later on the mind attaches and identifies itself with many other things and creates a separate existence for itself. The mind then proceeds identify with things like "I am a boy or girl", "I want", I can do or I am happy. It is these very thoughts that constantly recycle themselves in our mind during our waking hours that keep us in separation from our Being.

All these concepts we believe represent knowledge in our world are based on sensory information from outer impressions. They have no foundation or true understanding in reality.

This separation alienates us from knowing our true Being or True Self. We live in constant limiation because we are dependent on the mind and our memeories of the past. We believe this world is our true reality and because of this we are conditioned to believe that only the things we can touch, see, hear, taste and smell is real.

By believing this is our reality we are then fraught with danger, fear, unhapiness and ignorance.

When we move consciousness out of the mind and stop building concepts and attitudes that give power to the ‘I’ thought, we begin to become aware of the eternal moment. We then realize our true nature and oneness.

The body can now be in consciousness free of the influence of the ‘I’ thought, being in harmony with all other forms manifesting in consciousness.

This represents our work which requires developing awareness through continually passively watching the flow of illusionary thoughts, and dismissing them as they appear. Do not challenge or follow them, allowing them to draw your attention from being what you are. Your world is not that of the mind and the ‘I’ thought, but that of the Eternal Self, which exists without thought or the outer sensual and illusional manifestation.

Be aware that you are I AM, which is total reality. Feel the presence of Self, which is ever present, only you do not listen. It is ever here unchanging in the moment free from the past, present and future. Within Self there is no time or space, everything is perfection and one.

You do not have to do anything or be anything, you only have to become empty of all outer illusion and thoughts that identify and attach you to a body. Become empty of all this outer illusion and be filled with the Light and power of the Eternal Self.

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