On Jacob Boehm

Jacob Boheme was an enlightened being who wrote profusely about the inner visions he experienced over several years that led to his oneness with the Absolute Consciousness. However, because of his lack of formal education, he used the various passages of the bible as well as the language of the alchemists, with whom he became acquainted, to express this inner realization. As such, for the student it is difficult to appreciate the depth of his experience. However, in this post we will provide a short introduction to Jacob Boehme’s experience which is truly enlightening.

Jacob did not write about the material world, but about eternity. He used an unique term, ‘the uncreated heaven’ to reflect what he considered as being the true heaven, which exists beyond the world and universe, and in this uncreated heaven is the Eternal Absolute.

If you remove the outer manifestation, what remains? For Boehme, it is the uncreated heaven, which can only be found within us. The goal of creation is to explore the uncreated heaven in the outer manifestation. He stated that the total plan of the Absolute proceeds out of eternity into time with the creation of the universe.

By removing the manifest universe only a state of nothingness will exist, which is a state of not having a manifest being. What Boehme saw when he reached a state of nothingness, was that he found the Absolute. He said that the ‘nothingness’ was the potential for all, which he called the unground, similar to the abyss – a place of infinite depth, without limitation – a region of absolute nothingness, neither good nor evil, only freedom.

He saw this unground as a clear place where there is silence and stillness, where everything is possible, where the I -AM is. The unground is a place of infinite love, peace and freedom.

Jacob Boehme wrote: ‘I always thought much about how I might inherit the kingdom of heaven; but finding in myself a powerful opposition in the desires that belong in the flesh and blood, l began a battle against my corrupted nature; and with the aid of God made up my mind to overcome the inherited evil will… break it, and enter wholly into the love of God in Christ Jesus. I sought the heart of Christ Jesus, the center of all truth, and I resolved to regard myself as dead in my inherited form until the Spirit of God would take form in me, so that in and through Him I might conduct my life.

‘I stood this resolution, fighting a battle with myself until the light of the Spirit, a light entirely foreign to my unruly nature began to break through the clouds. Then, after some further hard fight with the powers of darkness, my spirit broke through the doors of hell, and penetrated even into the innermost essence of this newly born divinity where it was received with great love, as a bridegroom welcomes his beloved bride.

‘No words can express the great joy and triumph I experienced as of a life out of death, as of a resurrection from the dead. While in this state, I was walking through a field of flowers, and in this fifteen minutes, I saw the mystery of creation, the origin of this world and of all creations… Then for seven days I was in a continual state of ecstasy, surrounded by the light of the spirit, which immersed me in contemplation and happiness. I learned what God is and what is his will. I know not how this happened to me, but my heart admired and praised the Lord for it.’

We have reproduced one persons experience, which outwardly differs due to time and experience. Although there is the limitation of the words and concepts that are used to express the experience, this in no way detracts from the ultimate oneness in Self. However, we are sure that regardless of position or education of anyone, through sincere desire, they can reach the oneness in light with the true Self. It is not something for the few, but for everyone.

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