Now There Was Peace

    There are two things in life we aspire to and that is peace and love, and we have very little of each, for we relentlessly strive to achieve that state of happiness that is so earnestly sought and short-lived. Happiness quickly turns into suffering. Have you ever thought about why happiness is so often mistaken for pleasure?

    Pleasure is the fulfilment of emotional desires and unlike happiness can be repeated at will, whereas happiness comes from the flow of being outside the manifestation and body-mind.

    The states of peace, love, joy, happiness, beauty, and bliss are not of this world and are reflected in the Silence within devoid of any thought, memory, or emotion.

    For us, these inner states are the reflections of our true nature that we call the Self.

    For instance, in this world, we create images in our minds as thoughts and desires, but we cannot imagine the inner state such as peace, for it does not exist in our world.

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that peace has no form that can be created by our minds.

    From the beginning of the first time-loop we have been at war with nature and each other because of our sensual desires to dominate and control everything that surrounds our bodies. Following an outburst of war, we think that because of the cessation of hostilities, there will be stability and peace.

    That is such an illusion, for temporally, the world has run out of munitions, as well as human fodder. So, we cannot say that when a war ends peace ensues because it is a revolving of humanity’s lack of consciousness and awareness.

    For peace and all the other attributes of our true inner nature to become active in the outer consciousness of the world there needs to be a change in the awareness and consciousness in the world, and if that cannot be achieved generally, war will override peace.

    We long for peace and that longing is only a body state of consciousness born out of helplessness. As a being of limited consciousness that only can serve the Earth as does all other forms, plants, and animals, the way to peace and happiness lies within our transformation of that consciousness.

    How can we experience eternal peace that underlies our true Being? It cannot be assessed through a body and mind that is dependent on the earth for its existence. All inner states of awareness are already available for us to experience, and only snippets of their nature arise when we are relaxed, and the beauty of nature captivates our awareness of the moment.

    To become aware of all the inner states of the Self we have to enter the Silence beyond the worlds, our body’s brain, mind, and all thoughts and memories, and allow the light of our awareness to Shine. That will lead to Profound Peace and oneness.

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  • Being constantly alone is very challenging..humans strive for pleasure always!!

    Aida De'Ceglie

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