Moving away from suffering

Daily we are faced with problems that seem impossible to solve and because we are not aware that they are basically illusional, this increases the complexity of their effect on our wellbeing causing us suffering and confusion.

The illusion keeps you confused and depressed by blocking your truth from being felt and prevents any positive answers to solve such problems. It is only by allowing your inner Light to shine on your problems that you will be free to live in peace and harmony.

When you allow the transmissions from Zadore to enter your daily life they will become active and shield you from being identified with any negative emotions. The Oracle to Freedom can also be utilized as a daily meditation and reminder to find and keep our inner peace and balance. These are some of the many tools available from Zadore that we can use to shift our focus away from the illusion and toward our Light.

Sadness, confusion and depression are just signs of us being stuck in the darkness of the illusion. We don't have to wait to find ourselves in those negative states to find our way back. Maintaining a habit of studying the transmissions daily or doing the Oracle cards is a great way to keep our focus on what is truly important.

Remember there is no past or future, move to the moment. Your problems only exist because your personality wants you to believe they do.

Humankind has forgotten how,
To BE.
You are here for the Earth,
Just as are all other aspects of Nature.

Move aside from your selfishness,
And bear forth the fruit of your Light.

Feel the Earth.
Encourage Light and Love,
To flow to the Earth.
Be the Earth.

Grow once more,
Out of the waters of Life,
And BE where you are NOW!
Why you are,
Who you are,
What you are, and,
How you are.
Awaken your consciousness,
To BE,
Always in the Moment

- From Enter the Vortex as One Light

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