Looking Outwards

    We have now decided that our search for the truth and enlightenment comes from a deep urge within, and for us to find the way to the highest levels of spiritual unity with whatever we consider is the ultimate force in the Universe, that being just who or what created all of this.

    Initially, we began reading all kinds of information in order to gain some insight into the unknown. We wanted to know what the masters, gurus, spiritual teachers and gods taught over thousands of years, which is purported to show us the path to freedom and oneness.

    However, much of what has been written is contradictory, where the religions that were formed to express what was taught ended in an exclusive and one-sided approach to make a particular system unique, one that will lead followers to experience the protection of their particular God.

    We are unaware that all the accumulated knowledge is leading us further from what we aim to achieve.

    Often, we come to the point where we ask ourselves: ‘Are all these teachers who lived thousands of years ago, and we now have no direct contact with them? Where, then, are such enlightened beings to be found now?’

    We can read books by self-proclaimed teachers who have several thousand followers, and who argue with one another on forums about useless things which makes their guru a millionaire.

    Simply put, if Jesus manifested in a body and held meetings in different cities and on TV, how many people would acknowledge him as a messiah? Most likely not many, and he would be crucified in the world of public opinion.

    It is difficult for anyone seeking more in life to know and understand the inner purpose of Self Awareness, although pure consciousness is everywhere and within us, but we are too busy looking outside in the world to notice.

    Everyone we associate with has that inner spark of Light, the goodness that shines, but we are unable to see this because we are so self-absorbed in our own importance.

    What we have to learn is that we can find the Light and power we seek in every human being, and when we know this, we will that our own light will be reflected back to us from others.

    So, if we put our self-interest aside and perceive the beautiful Light shining in the darkness of our personality, we will experience the power of God, or Self here and now.  All we have to do is put aside all our thoughts and desires and self-importance, and then perceive that small Light shining in others, and finally become aware that this Light shines in us.

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