Living in anticipation

Concepts, attitudes and ideas are the result of mind conditioning since childhood, and are formulated by ignorance. They are the result of accumulated knowledge based on sensual understanding.

This sensual knowledge belongs to the world, and creates dependence on external objects for survival. However, the sensual knowledge dominates the intellect and mind, causing conflict and aggression between individuals and nations.

We have to understand that all outer knowledge, which is based on conditioning, is not only ignorance but also illusion, and has no reality.

All outer knowledge creates separation in consciousness because it is based on duality, or cause and effect; this has been covered at length in the Transmissions.

In our world we utilize concepts as the basis for achieving the end result of our desires. I am sure everyone has been exposed to the need for a particular result in their desires, which is expecting a certain outcome and involves visualization or imaging. To be successful, to accumulate wealth and possessions, we buy a book on how to get rich, or go to a lecture where someone who knows all the secrets passes on such secrets to others for a fee.

We are told by these experts that by following their method all our desires will be fulfilled by our subconscious mind. We complete the visualization and give it to the subconsciousness mind, and expect that within a month or a year we will fulfill our desires. Many times the period passes and nothing manifests, or if it does it is not what we expected.


We find that with all desires there is anticipation that a reward will be forthcoming; but working through the body/mind we expect the objectivation of our desires to manifest in our world, without knowing how ignorant we are regarding what constitutes our world.

Our world is created by the desires of the Personal ‘I’, which has created its world following its attachment to the body. The mind is a container for the consciousness that is based on ignorance and illusion of the I am. The I am is not an illusion but the cause of it.

The desire for material attachments and the process of accumulation are the result of the insecurity of the Personal ‘I’. Without the body and all the objects of the world, the Personal ‘I’ knows that it would cease to exist in the mind. It believes that the greater the attachments that surround it the more secure it is. You may remember the parable of the rich young man in the gospel, where Jesus, in answer to his question of how he could enter the kingdom within, was: ‘Give up all you have to the poor (within) and follow me.’ He was not talking solely about riches, but all the attachments to the world. Of course the young man was not prepred to do this.

You have to apply this understanding to your own consciousness and observe how you are dependent on the results of so many desires, the many ‘I’s that are meant to keep you distracted from the reality within. Unless you begin to unburden yourself of all these attachments, you will never know the potential that exists within.

Spontaneous Thinking

We know that intuition is not the result of the intellect or the body/mind, but is a spontaneous outflow of consciousness from within, and is the outflow of spontaneous thinking.

Spontaneous thinking, or intuition, arises when we are free from wanting, expectation and anticipation. When we do not project any thought or desire, spontaneous action arises in our outer consciousness. When this occurs we just act automatically free of thought or feeling, and always you will find that the correct outcome results.

When we observe our world there is always anticipation in our observation, and while we are observing, we project a result. However, true observing is perceving without any thought of an outcome, so there is no tension between the observer and the observed, and there is only observation.

When you do not desire any result from your observation, you will begin to feel your true nature, which acts spontaneously. When you live in the moment and just be, there is no anticipation, projection or desire; you then exist in oneness.

Understanding Your True Nature

Unfortunately, we believe there is a god, or Self from which we are separated, and following this belief we create the desire of fulfillment, to come together with the desired higher state of being. As such, we follow different paths, seek out teachers and gurus, always anticipating an end result, one we hope fulfills our desire. However, this seeking and anticipation for a creator only help to increase the separation from what is desired.

Intellectual understanding will bring you to establish the correct attitude where you will understand what can never be understood. However, this intellectual understanding creates an inner knowing that helps you see that you cannot reach objectless consciousness through thought, by revealing the limitation of such thought and the limitation of thinking and the mind.

You cannot become aware of something that you already are. The Personal ‘I’ can never achieve this awareness because it is only a thought.

When you know you cannot enter the timeless state of consciousness through thought, you then must realize that you have to end all producing, doing, wanting and projecting, because only then will you enter the stillness of being, a state free from all thought and thinking.

In this silence, awareness is aware of the totality of Self, but this is not a state that you can enter and leave as you do in the objective consciousness, where objects appear and disappear, as do thoughts, feelings and desires. In silence, awareness as consciousness is not touched by any changes.

This awareness is total, and everything exists within the pure consciousness of Self. No matter what you do in your outer consciousness you will always express the total awareness that you are, because now there is only giving, and all rapport with others is expressed as love that is tangible in a particular way.

Without any expectation or anticipation, your real being manifests, which cannot be attained by wanting, because then there is only the repetition of memories.

You must lose yourself in being where there is no body to which it is attached, because in timeless awareness there is no body.

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