Life – The Timeless Moment

He had the realization that in Consciousness everything was instant, and when sharing this with others, they could not understand what he was talking about, although to him it was clear and normal.

Obviously, when we are still attached to the illusion of time, we cannot see beyond our senses and our body, because the body, being limited to having an existence in space and time, cannot perceive beyond time.

How many people suggest they live life in the now? And what do they mean by that? Life to most people is having continual sensual experiences, and utilizing their memory to re-experience those experiences over and over. As such they are essentially living in the past, and not in the moment.

Life is present like consciousness; however, we believe we are thinking in the terms of the past or future. To live in the now suggests a mind free from achieving results and the recapitulation of a state free from striving and grasping for things.

In the present there are no thoughts, because all thought is fused into a whole. Life in the moment contains everything that can possibly occur, and that means no time. Being no time, everything has the possibility to spontaneously be without limitation.

Psychological time is based on memory, which is the past, and through memory we revive the past, and what we call the future is only a modification of the past. Psychological time is never in the eternal moment because it involves duality, such as having or becoming, pleasure or displeasure, grasping or avoidance, security or insecurity, which are the source of conflict and misery.

To reach that moment in consciousness, which is spontaneous action, all thought must end and all projections of the intellect have to stop. When you cultivate the intellect and will, you cannot integrate spontaneously in consciousness. The mind has to become passive, sensitive and free from all violence, vanity, pride and greed, because only then can your real intelligence function.

Life is spontaneous living untouched by time.

To become spontaneous and live in the eternal moment, you have to be free from all wanting, from expectation and anticipation. Seek nothing, and be.

You are constantly defending your image with the personality and intellect, an image you have created, which stimulates emotion and sensation.

When you let go of your name and body image, all that remains is the timeless awareness that you are. Everything appears to maintain its image and form and follow the same pattern, because the ‘I am’, being a subject, is always seeking security in objects. Once the search for security ends, you remain outside the subject-object state, and realize that all repetition is illusion.

Always perceive that the I AM is ever present, because you are the I AM, and be that.

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