Life and the Three Outer Centers

What is Life? In our study of the Creation, we learned that there were three wills or energies that radiated from Absolute, which manifested as being. The three energies are Life, Light, and Love. Life is a stabilizing energy that creates Form, while Light is an active force that creates change. Love can work with either one of the two forces, and the outcome determines the manifestation of Life. The three energies have an impact on all levels of manifestation, including the material level. For example, an atom consists of protons, electrons, and neutrons, and all three energies must be present for the manifestation of the atom.

Consciousness plays a role in the manifestation of Being. Consciousness in this dimension requires the stabilizing forces of Life or Nature, which manifest as the body. The movement of the mind through essence manifests as consciousness within the body by aligning with the Personality. Personality is made up of the three Outer Centers: Intellect, Physical, and Emotional. These centers act as receivers and transmitters of information received through the senses and are influenced by the three primal energies. Depending on whether the third force (Love) is aligned with the Light or Life energies, the outer manifestation will be experienced.

People generally believe in the concept of two forces acting in the dimension, positive and negative, and that everything follows an evolutionary pattern of existence. However, unless you become conscious of the existence of the third force in your consciousness, you will be trapped in the Astral Illusion and never able to experience the Eternal Moment in Consciousness. To break free of the Illusion, all three Centers must be balanced and work in unison.

The physical body is the outer reflection of the Etheric forces responsible for material expression, and that environmental factors, food, and emotional and mental states can alter the expression of these forces. To align with the third force of Love and achieve balance, it is important to be mindful of these environmental and personal factors, as well as to work on aligning the three Centers.

It is important to understand that every person, regardless of what Center dominates their outer consciousness, has the purpose, at this level, of achieving a consciousness balance through the particular Center that dominates their Personality. It is only by achieving this balance that you will learn to balance all the Centers and elevate your consciousness from a One Dimensional Level to a Third Dimensional Level. Through this, you will trash the Illusion, and move into a Fourth Dimensional Level of consciousness attuned to self essence.

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