JESUS - Whats In A Name

Over the last two thousand years confusion still exists as to how a title becomes an objective reality.

When Mary and Joseph's first child was born in Bethlehem, he was named Joseph which was the tradition, regardless of the so called told about Mary and the angel, according to the questionable story written by Luke, who had never met Jesus, let alone conferred with Mary about such an event.

It was only after his baptism that Joseph adopted the name Jesus. Often he referred to himself as "the Son of Man" and not God. Obviously, if that were so he would have been referring to Jehovah, which was the Jewish God.

Often Jesus referred to God as his father. Over many centuries prior to the birth of Jesus, young children called their father abba, which was a loving term. When Jesus referred to God it was always Abba in heaven. He used this term with reverence and honour. Jesus referred to Abba in heaven as the innermost source of  Perfect Being and the true nature of all individuals.

After the death of Jesus' body his followers believed him to be the the anointed son of King David.

The word christ was not a name but a title, similar to Buddha, The Greek word christos means 'anointed one'. In the Greek Septuagnt, christos was used to translate in the Hebrew word Messiah, which also means anointed.

The original followers of Jesus used the word christos as a deity rather than a title which was its true meaning. Although in his lifetime he was never referred to as Christ, lt was following his death that the Christ was separated from Jesus, and accorded a god like figure.

To create a god out of a title has led to fantacy and ignorance that is still perpetuated in this current century.

Jesus did not live to become a messiah or an anointed one. Like everyone in the world he manifested consciousness through a body, but was not identified with that body as everyone else in the world is.

Often Jesus said: 'I am in this world, but not of the world.' He transcended the world and realized his true Being.

When Jesus referred to Abba he was relating to the innermost source of his being, the perfect Absolute Being, which is the true nature of every human being.

 We have to free our consciousness and ego from identifying with a named body that creates a personality, which is only an illusion.




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