Is it All Just a Memory?

We know that we are more than just a body, but while the vital breath animates that body it continues to have consciousness, for it is the Light of Awareness that, when it shines on a new form, its image is reflected in the all-pervading. Because of that, we are aware of manifest forms.

A body, being an object, within the Light of Awareness, is only seen as a reflected image and is thought to be an actual form. However, it is not a reality because it is only a reflection that is seen in consciousness, and for that reason, although we utilize the body’s senses to maintain a sense of awareness, it is not a reality, and for that reason, we think we see it is only an illusion.

All forms and objects are visible because of the body’s sentience and its patterns, but they only exist relative to our awareness.

Are all the different bodies real, or are they just an illusion? You need to start and move your mind beyond the limitations that you accept as reality. We think that we are aware of and interact with other people and we believe we exist in this world that has a Creator, for we are unable to think in terms of relative states of being and happening.

Unfortunately, we are content to follow the world of concepts based on sensual impressions that are only visible in the brain as actual images, although they may not be that!

We will not jump to any conclusions as to whether the manifestation is a solid state or whether it is only an image in consciousness.

When a body is born into the world and once it is animated by the vital breath and consciousness it has it knows nothing and sees very little but at that moment the sense of existing. Its whole existence is then gradually motivated by the illusions of the world and especially by the parents. As such we begin the passage of being conditioned into believing something of what we are not.

When the body sleeps the senses and body consciousness are suspended and there is no awareness of anything.

The next thing that occurs in consciousness is the dream state, and although we are conscious of such dreams, actually we have no body or form. In the dream world, we are conscious, but we are only an observer we watch other bodies interacting with each other, but we are not participators.

In these dream states we are observing and not observed, but we think that the dream state is as real as our waking state.

We then move into periods in between the dream states where there appears to be nothing and that has been called nothing. Little do we know that the dream state is the existence of the pure consciousness that is our true reality. However, we see nothing and are unaware of its presence.

Why we see nothing and are unaware of the pure consciousness is because, in our waking state, we are unaware of our true Self, that being so, how is it possible to be aware of it when we are sleeping?

Are all things actually what you think you are, and if not, why the illusion? Often you close all your doors and windows and go on an extended vacation, and when you return there is a sense of inner joy when you see that everything is just how you left it knowing you are back home. But is it just a memory?


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