Illusional Listening

There are those who talk, but they do not know what they are saying.

There are those that listen and believe every word they hear.

There are those who hear but do not listen.

And there are those who pay attention and think about what they hear.

So, what category do you belong to, or have you heard it all before?

What is the purpose of writing a blog if for you it is just a matter of hearing the same thing over and over? Possibly you never listened in the first place.

Everything depends on the maturity of the listener; it is common to see that the more we communicate with one another daily that we only take in a maximum of about five per cent of what we hear. Why is that?

Basically, we only hear what we want to hear. For instance, a person begins to read a blog and never reads it to the end.

The reason for that is they compare what they are reading with their own concepts and opinions, or the concepts of others that they have added to their own knowledge bank. So, if it doesn’t match that, they turn it off and stop reading.

Let’s be honest, step back, and see if this is a common thing you do.

Because of this, it is time we begin to listen and see if what we think we know should be questioned with what we are hearing from someone else’s opinions.

We have to realize that although we seek to change our understanding and consciousness, we have to become silent within and be aware of the different thoughts flowing out of our minds.

Unless we realize that we have to pay attention to the thoughts of others, how then can we pay attention to the type of thoughts that always cloud them from destroying our moment in silence, never reaching the truth of what we are, not knowing whether they are only powered by our concepts and opinions.

Are you like the ostrich that puts its head in the sand and becomes unaware of what is happening around you?

We have often been told that we are acceptors and should question not only the words and thoughts of others, but we pass them off as not being in line with our precious concepts and feelings.

You may think you are a special person, and what you think and do makes you highly spiritual in the eyes of others. But are you? Or are you just fooling yourself while expanding your ego and illusion?

You have to become aware of what you think and accept as being the truth, for without awareness you are allowing your mind to fool you, leading you away from what you are and being.

Congratulations if you have reached the end of this blog.



  • Yes me too David, when I came across the nightly review I started writing it down in a book, over the next few years I was very consistent. Documenting my emotional turmoil with family and friends.
    Now I automatically do it before sleep.
    Recently I reread this book…how painful it was!!! My mind was a fractured, angst ridden mess. But the wonderful part was the contrast to now, it seems my mind has dialed down on the angst meter from 10 to 5. As it says in the Transmissions you will over time notice, albeit gradually, the transformation.
    Struggling with contradictions is a constant effort…we keep on walking along and things gradually change.
    Love Frances

  • This is a timely message for me as I am currently becoming very aware just how superficial my approach has been to the information given from the VOLAH, even after many years of almost compulsive reading. Easy just for it be rote at times. It is hard not to feel exasperated as I sometimes wonder why I even bother at all when I do not put into practice the information given. I am amazed as to the amount of resistance I have still of letting go those comfortable illusions I have created. Even the uncomfortable ones too! Perhaps at this moment others here are feeling the same way? After all, there is only one ego with many facets. The tone of this blog reflects what I am currently feeling about my efforts to enter the Vortex of Light and Healing.

    Thank you Emissaries of VOLAH for your continued hard work in bringing us this information.


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