I amness to I AM – part one of two

We have often been told that the world is an illusion; however, many people are unaware of what the world is. Mostly these people are confused and think the world and the Earth are one and the same thing.

The Earth is a part of the universe and exists in consciousness in the outer manifestation of the Eternal Self.

The world is a concept, accepted by humanity, that underlies all knowledge, desires, behaviours and fears shared by everyone. Because it is a state of mind it has no reality and is only an illusion. Every individual lives in their own created world which is not visible to others, and this world is limited and private, which ends when the body dies. Every human being shares a common interest in the world that is based on conditioned concepts and desires, and this is the outer world that everyone shares.

Our world is limited and isolated, where we think we have a body  to satisfy our desires, to injure it, and make a slave to do our bidding.

But who is it that exerts this control over a body?

It is the I-thought, the I amness that arises in consciousness early in the life of the body and asserts its control by attaching itself to the body, and then that world begins to develop in the body/mind in the succeeding years. This follows the basic conditioning by the parents over the child, which continues after the mind is led to accept that its body is its self and is dependent on the world thought in its daily life, a life built on lies and ignorance.

The I amness creates a sense of being in the body reflecting the idea that both the body and it constitute a separate being from the total consciousness.

However, the personality which is the externalization of the I amness believes it has the power to create its own existence based on the desire to be.

Out of this desire to be, all other desires follow, such as all the I am thoughts: I am a boy or girl; I am a certain religion; I am a doctor or Indian chief, and so on, distancing them from their true state of being, leading to isolation and suffering.

To escape these inner feelings, people desire pleasure and happiness, but which always leads to experiencing pain and suffering. The desire for happiness is the memory of pleasure and fear is the memory of pain. It is the process of trying to recreate a pleasurable experience of the past into the present in the attempt to combat the pain occurring in their life now.

In a recent Transmission we saw that the ultimate desire was the realization of oneness with god or a higher being. This desire has limitation because it is constantly seeking something outside of itself.

We do not know what we are. We even do not know what the body is. We are associated with the body during our waking hours, and although we have been educated to having a limited knowledge of the body, it is all based on sensual observation and treats the body as something like a machine, where it is either treated chemically, or given spare parts to keep it working. This alone shows the ignorance of human understanding.

Because we are not a body, but pure consciousness and awareness, the body is only a manifestation in consciousness and it serves the purpose of acting as a means for communicating the Self Awareness in the world, and it is not the Self but has its existence in Self.

This then leaves the mind that is not of the body, but is created by the I amness in its vain attempt to manifest its presence in the world, a world that is the illusional creation of the I amness. To be aware of the I AM, the Self consciousness requires the elimination of the I-thought and subsequent I thoughts stored in the body/mind.

We have to reach an understanding of what we are, and such understanding supersedes the I amness, personality and I-thought, which is not an intellectual understanding, but one that comes from our deep contact within.

Only when we know we are not the body will the I amness become unattached to the body and return to its source.

There are two things that involve our being what we are, and that is eliminating all thoughts pertaining to the I-thought, and realizing that the body is separate, because we have no attachment with any other body,  human, or other life form.

The best attribute we have is consciousness, where we are aware that we have a personality and a body. This is basically where everyone in the world is, and at this level function in a state of dependence, having little understanding outside their  basic needs, such as food and shelter, and the protection from one another. Here everyone is conditioned in different ways to being subservient to a higher authority, whether religious, science, or political.

Beyond this passive life function are those individuals who erroneously believe they are the ‘doers’ or leaders, whether in business, religion or politics. They are dangerous because everything they do is directed at attaining wealth and the power they desire. From the ignorance of these leaders, the world is constantly plunged into wars, pain, creating suffering to the conditioned mass of people.

There are those individuals who think they can change this world by becoming involved in the different conditioning organizations; however, they are readily eaten up by the system and thrown out into the world as outsiders. Of course the mass of automatic humanity has little time for outsiders because they see them as threatening their stable world that gives them a sense of safety and protection.

So when you come to realize this, that you cannot change outwardly what is projecting the world illusion, which has been happening since humanity first moved into a body, only then can you change your world from within through the realization of what you are. When you change your world, the whole world around you changes, and you are what you have always been, I AM – that I AM.

We will continue our discussion on understanding in the next post, where we will seek to to learn what has to be done to remove the presence of the I amness and how the body returns to its status in the manifestation, and how you will realize that there is nothing you have to do to Be.

Here you are receiving the understanding needed to become free. Don’t just read it, but allow it to be digested inwardly without any intellectualization, and allow the understanding to flow.

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