I am the body - p2

Moon and Stars pour their healing light on you…

The baby new to earth and sky,
What time his tender palm is prest
Against the circle of the breast,
Has never thought that ‘this is I’
But as he grows he gathers much,
And learns the use of ‘I’, and ‘me’,
And finds ‘I am not what I see,
And other than the things I touch’.

Lord Alfred Tennyson.

We believe we are born; yet this is part of our conditioned ignorance, because what is born is just a body, something that changes year after year, and eventually dies. So if we are not a body, then who are we? That is the whole purpose of our being, and we have to realize that we have never been born, nor do we die, because we are eternal.

What is this body we appear to feel is our reality, our self? The body is the result of a moment of pleasure between a man and a woman, and in that moment there was no consciousness of any creative urge, only momentary pleasure.

The uniting of the sperm with the ovum is a natural process devoid of any conscious thought of the man or woman, because the unification of the two cells occurs spontaneously in consciousness and has it’s seat in that consciousness, which is the Pure Eternal Consciousness, which is you. It is this pure consciousness that monitors the growth in the womb and is present when the child body is born and remains until the body dies. This is the natural process which is inherent in Being, in the continual cycle of life, whether plant or animal.

The pure consciousness encloses within its nature the new body, and the body is totally dependent on the consciousness. The child is the reflection of the pure consciousness, which is Love, the being of pure consciousness. When we hold the baby we sense the warmth and joy that it naturally exudes, and we automatically reflect this joy and love from deep within, as warmth and love. Now we experience momentarily the reality of who and what we are; but how quickly we forget?

You are still the Pure Eternal Consciousness, only you have identified with the Personal ‘I’, which has attached itself to the body, isolating the Pure Consciousness from the body. This has caused immeasurable pain and suffering to the body. We have to understand that the I am has created a world in which the body participates, and has become the slave of the personality. Yet what is it that goes into fear when the body begins to break down under the demands of the personality? It is the personality.

So we need to observe just how the personality robs the body of the light of its natural state, and begin to disassociate the body from the Personal ‘I’, and allow the body to be what it is. We are not the body, and the body is not the I amness. Realization that this I amness is only a thought that has no reality in our consciousness, is necessary to free the body from this imposed slavery, in order that it can follow its natural life term free of further interference.

Jesus said that to be born anew you have to become as a little child. We know he didn’t mean that the body would have to be born again in a womb, but to become one again in the pure consciousness.

What is the innate purpose of the body? Is it not to objectify the pure consciousness in the outer manifestation and reflect to the Pure Eternal Consciousness the awareness of Itself?

Once the body is free of the I amness, eventually it will begin to cast off the energy of the old attachments and begin to express the consciousness in which it was conceived. However, this does not mean that all injuries and maladies can be reversed, but there will be greater peace and harmony in the body relative to the absence of the Personal ‘I’ and the presence of the pure reality of the I AM that you are.

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