I am the Body

Deep peace of the shining stars to you…

We see that ignorance is illusion, and the knowledge which is received from a higher source is given to humanity to dispel this illusion and change the content of the mind, which in humanity constitutes the body/mind. However, the body does not have a mind, only a brain to externalize the thoughts within the mind.

All thoughts emanate from the personal ‘I’, or personality, which through its attachment with the body believes it is the body. So the primal thought was ‘I am separate from the total consciousness and I am the body’. From this original thought the personality filled the mind with subsequent thoughts relative to its existence, and these subsequent thoughts all begin with ‘I am…’

The longer we accept this thought of bodily attachment, the more it becomes impossible for us to know our real nature. So we have to change the content of the body/mind, and recognize that whatever we think, accept and conceptualize is born of ignorance and illusion.

It is difficult for us to change this situation, because over thousands of years we have been conditioned to accept that we are the body with a personality that believes it is a separate individual.

We have to empty the mind of all these ‘I’-thoughts, which are false concepts, ideas, identifications and attachments, and then replace them with the higher knowledge that will free us from the bondage of the world that is our own creation.

I suggest that you read the Transmissions that refer to the ‘I’s’ that dominate our daily thoughts, so you will have a complete understanding about what we are referring to here. We assume that, because you have joined us in this forum, you have already studied the books and Transmissions from Zadore.

It is important that you realize you are not an individual and that you are not a body, which is finite and has a limited existence in time and space. Prior to the body’s birth, the pure eternal consciousness existed, and still exists and continues to exist following the body’s death. What is finite is not eternal and this applies to the personal ‘I’ as well as the mind attached to the body.

Unfortunately, in your daily activities you are conditioned to believe that the world around you is real, because it dominates your consciousness and behavior. However, this is only an illusion, a condition you have created based on the false knowledge you have accepted as being real. You also believe that what you experience as the world is the same as everyone else’s concept of the world.

We are fed with information from the press and electronic media about what other people are experiencing throughout the world, as well as in their own country. However, because everyone’s world is unique to them, they do not react in the same way to what is presented to them. But, in ignorance, everyone believes that everyone else’s understanding of whatever information is broadcast is the same as theirs.

Because we create our own world in this mind/body, and because it only exists in our consciousness, the reality is completely different from everyone else’s. When the body dies, our world ceases to be, because it was only a mental fabrication, no different from a dream we experience nightly.

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