Human Consciousness

In The Sacred Flame, the first chapter talks about the limits of human consciousness. As our consciousness is limited to the Earth's consciousness, we vainly believe that we somehow hold the seeds to be greater than the whole consciousness of the Earth. Our limited consciousness cannot know the Pure Absolute Eternal Consciousness when it is only a small part of the whole. How then can we define what the whole is?

As human beings we are mainly reactionary which makes us very predictable. Our thinking process is only the recall of memories stored. Our thinking is limited to previous experiences and what we've read or saw in the past. We can definitely see after analyzing our thoughts throughout the day that we lack ingenuity and inspiration in our thoughts which makes our thinking process mostly reactionary.

Human consciousness, when limited to the body, exists solely while the body is alive. However, it is important that we recognize the value of the body's consciousness because only through this body consciousness can we become aware of our own true nature.

Chapter one continues with: "We have to find how to utilize the body’s consciousness for our liberation and return to our true nature in the Eternal Self Consciousness. The purpose of Zadore’s Transmissions provides us with the work needed to break down all illusion and ignorance that has entered human consciousness, maintaining separation from realization.

For consciousness to reach a higher level in Being we need to recognize that the illusion, the I amness, has to be seen for what it is, and cast aside its attachment with the body. This can only be accomplished by clearing the body/mind from all identification with the body and allowing the body to be what it is, a form within the Pure Consciousness. "

Chapter one of the Sacred Flame holds many elements that should be studied to help us realize what we are and what we are not. Our consciousness is very limited at present but by understanding this, we can proceed to free ourselves further from the illusion. The chapter concludes with:

The Light Essence is the Sacred Flame that awaits our awareness during our time within a body.

The Higher Consciousness of Zadore has created the VOLAH through which the Light Essence will transcend all limitation and darkness of the external manifestation.

We shall journey together now through these Transmissions with Zadore to be that Light forever.

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