How You Were Deceived by Your Self Conditioning

Why are you still living your life as an automaton?

We think we are smart and intelligent beings, unlike the rest of the creation. We don’t have to be told that, because all our attainments surround us, making for an easier life.

We have everything going for us; we can talk, think, analyze things, behave in any way we think fit to do, become famous in the eyes of others, and become experts in all matters of life.

How does all that happen, and why do some of us rise above others in this world? Yet such heights are only a deception that we project onto others.

Deep down we know that we are only that small child who has struggled to find a place in this unforgiving world.

Have you ever asked yourself what you that made the change from a simple infant to this great personality you outwardly project? Possibly not, for you believe you are self-made. Did you become that person on your own?

Initially, you became aware that you were a body, and when you looked around you saw that you were a small body surrounded by many large bodies that were capable of doing many things.

And then all the conditioning began, first with the parents where you copied whatever you saw they did and became dependent on them for your survival. The conditioning continued with many years of schooling, and depending on your parents means that education ended at different years. That is where major differences occur relative to the general knowledge of individuals become limited.

Once we realize that such limitation reflects our ability to add higher principles to achieve the so-called success through further educational conditioning. The body becomes a self-conditioning organism restricted by sensual limitations.

All that means is that we are programmed similarly to a computer and some of us have more advanced programs than others, but we all share the basic underlying language.

The movement from deception to self-conditioning closes the door to the reception of consciousness and reality because it is un-programmable.

What we have created of course is an illusional world built around a body and now the whole methodology of grooming through strict education is being replicated through the development of artificial intelligence, where this creates knowledge centered in a machine that is superior to any human body, for it knows everything known, in one place, that is impossible for any one human being to attain.

We argue that a computer does not have emotion, but we have little of what we call emotion is only a habitual reaction that we learn early in life from copying our parents. Supposedly you have done something that you are unaware of, and your mother or father in their ignorance think somehow you already know what is right or wrong in their eyes.

So, they call you a bad boy or girl, shout at you, wag their finger, or may slap you, and you cry and are sent to your room. But somehow you either believe you have done something that must have been bad, and to reinforce that you play with your toys and reprimand them as being naughty, wag your finger at them, and put them aside. As you see it is all conditioning and not reality, and programmable.

My point of this blog is to relate to how our illusion develops mainly due to our conditioning that we are a body. I know that we have been told that we are not a body, but how can we realize that due to the continual reinforcement of our situation where we repeatedly condone our conditioning?

What then is not conditioned and illusion? It is Love, and through whatever consciousness we have available and the awareness of that Love, is our natural state of being here and need allow.

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