Higher Knowledge

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you…

The higher knowledge has no correspondence with the worldly or sensual knowledge. Higher knowledge is always intuitive or inspirational that comes from an inner source of consciousness, which is called the Self.

Higher knowledge is revealed to the world by one who has transcended the world and the personality, or Personal I, that attaches itself to a body. Such a being introduces this knowledge to all those people who have begun to question their attachment to the world and its sensual illusion.

Once this pure knowledge is expressed in words by the teacher it soon becomes integrated into the outer pool of conceptual knowledge and eventually has little value for the mass of humanity.

However, regardless of its limitation in the world, and because it reflects truth and reality, the core message is still vibrant and enlightening for those who are awakening from their sleep in the illusionary world.

How often have you found that the revealed truth is not separate from the false knowledge in many books, but for those with understanding, they see the higher knowledge shining like pearls amongst the coal. In such writing these pearls give out the taste of truth, which are devoured by the hungry aspirant.

There are very few enlightened people in the world because all the teachings and rituals follow old information attributed to personal gods, where the way to truth becomes separated. Truth is one, and where there is a god and the aspirant the truth cannot exist. For there to be unity, there cannot be separation, so the more you seek perfection outside your inner being, the more it becomes a sensual experience where you are indulging in a concept.

As such, until we approach this knowledge from within, and resonate with its source, we will continue to move from one teacher to another, never finding the reality, the realization that we already are what we seek. This underlies the true purpose in our study of Zadore’s Transmissions, where we begin to understand what the world is, and whatever we consider to be knowledge is only ignorance.

There is only one true knowledge and you are that knowledge, it is I AM that I AM!

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