Health and The Human Body

We are often led to believe by the media and medical science that our bodies are vulnerable to diseases that can potentially end our lives. This fear of illness causes individuals to live in constant worry, and it can be overwhelming. Take a closer look at the body's relationship with the Earth and explore the role that Light, consciousness, and the natural environment play in our health and well-being.

As we know, the body is essential for expressing light and consciousness, and without a body, there would be no purpose for our existence. However, our attachment to the illusion often causes us to ignore the light frequencies that our bodies can offer the Earth. Additionally, a body consumed by disease cannot fulfill the morphogenetic pattern required to harmonize with the light. This is why transformation is crucial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Physical purification, including the elimination of disease states and negative thoughts and emotions, is necessary to reduce suffering and ensure our bodies are functioning optimally.

However, if you live in harmony with yourself and the natural environment, you may find that you don't need to seek medical help as often. The VOLAH series transmissions can help you expand your understanding of the etheric energies that are responsible for the maintenance of the material form and the Earth itself. They also explore the relationship between the self, personality, body, and Earth and how disease can prevent us from being expansive and creative in our dimension.

Contrary to popular belief, diseases like cancer, heart attacks, and serious bowel conditions are not just contracted. All disease conditions are the result of a lifetime of carelessness and ignorance of dietary relationships. It is easy to blame germs and viruses for our suffering, but the truth is that our health is largely in our own hands. When we cease to take personal responsibility for our health, we give up our right to live a healthy life.

The good news is that the transmissions will teach you the art of self-healing, starting with the basics of food choice and expanding to the energy functions of the body, emotions, mental attitudes, and higher energies. Remember that no individual or system can heal your body. Your body has the power to heal itself, and once you accept this, you can allow the healing energy to harmonize your body functions until the end of your life cycle.

There has always been an attempt to de-fragment the forces that underlie the life energies. The human intellect looks outward into the world for answers to all its problems, and with health it is no different. By looking outward, the intellect holds onto the feeling that everything, including the human, is separate, and this separation leads away from seeing the answer to the problem, whatever it is.

The principle of Natural Living is to approach the body’s health as a whole, assessing the total picture rather than relying on symptoms alone. Treatment is gauged to restore the normal functioning of the body, and to restore the original pattern. Those people, who have to place a name on their condition, sometimes find it difficult to make the shift away from their traditional base of treatment.

Somehow, when their doctor “names” their complaint, they feel relieved because they see that, by “naming” the disease, an appropriate drug will end all their suffering and concern. Often the scientific miracle does not occur, and they go back into fear and frustration, seeking an alternative form of treatment.

The greatest Healer in the world lives very close to you, for it lies within you. You need not look outward for the cause of your health problem, nor for its cure. Within you are the keys to unlock your healing, all the patterns, the resonance and memories that will reverse the suffering, which only you caused.

Through understanding, you will unlock your personal healing ability. These Transmissions will lead you back to that point where you will experience good health and energy, because that is the reason you came into this Dimension, and this healing is achieved by loving your body and the Earth.


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