Harmonizing with the Earth's Consciousness

In the vast tapestry of human existence, each individual stands as a unique conduit for light, often unbeknownst to themselves. The transmissions from Zadore in the "Earth Light Transmissions" offer profound insights into this interplay between human consciousness and the Earth, a relationship deeply rooted in the flow of light and energy. It's crucial to understand that despite our strong attachment to our Earthly forms, our true essence transcends these physical boundaries, aligning us with a more universal, luminous nature​​.

Life, as experienced in its current, illusionary state, is often marked by pain, hardship, and suffering. This existence, mired in selfishness and insensitivity to the plights of others, leads to a fragmented and diminished connection with our true essence. However, there is a transformative moment that occurs when an individual, through various life experiences, recognizes the futility of this illusion. This awakening sparks a profound desire to reconnect with the inherent love and light that emanate from the source of all creation​​.

The Earth is not just a passive, inanimate object floating in space; it's a conscious being of light, continuously receiving and integrating energy from the Sun and beyond. This connection extends to the Fourth-dimension, vital for the Earth's expansion beyond its current state. Every individual or 'Personality' plays a pivotal role in this cosmic dance. By channeling the light from higher dimensions through their Earthly bodies, individuals contribute to the Earth's ascension in light​​.

Human life and consciousness are inherently reactionary, responding to various stimuli. As light deepens within the Third-dimension, it manifests in diverse frequencies, creating the myriad forms of life we witness - animals, plants, minerals, and other organisms. However, there is a common misconception among individuals that these forms are separate from the light, not recognizing their integral connection to this universal energy​​.

The negative aspects of human existence – fear, ignorance, greed, selfishness, hate, and the like – are reflections of the frequency of the Astral consciousness. This illusory state, crafted by the Astrals, represents a rejection of light, projecting their essence onto humanity. Interestingly, the influence of these Astral entities is not as powerful as it seems. Their illusion is a facade, incapable of stopping the flow of light through human personalities. Thus, they exist in a state of fear, desperately trying to maintain their illusion by distracting humanity from the true light​​.

A significant revelation in Zadore's teachings is the transient nature of the Astral illusion. As humanity increasingly embraces and channels light, the Astrals find their existence threatened. They cannot survive in an environment filled with light, and as this creative energy permeates the Earth, both the Astrals and their illusion will inevitably cease to exist. This highlights the impermanence of fear and the ultimate triumph of light and consciousness over illusion​​.

The journey towards understanding and aligning with our true essence is both challenging and enriching. By recognizing the illusory nature of our current experiences and the transformative power of light, we can begin to harmonize our consciousness with the Earth's. This alignment not only elevates our personal existence but contributes to the collective ascension of the Earth into a higher state of being. We are not merely inhabitants of this planet; we are integral to its cosmic journey, destined to transcend the confines of illusion and embrace the full spectrum of our luminous nature.

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  • “It is through the individual that the Earth is awakened”, as we merge
    our individuality with the Totality. Luminosity indeed. Thanks again! :)


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