Getting Beyond the Mechanical Sleep

The provided excerpt from Guidance on the Way, Part 1, delves into the teachings of Zadore, the idea of recurrence, the Astral Illusion, the contrast between Personality and Essence, and the process of inner development. Here's an article that attempts to capture and explain these intricate ideas, speaking directly to you, the reader.

1. The Essence of Zadore's Teachings
Often in the Transmissions, Zadore says, "All you have to do is remember." You may wonder what exactly this means. Well, the key lies in the understanding of our inner Light, which can vary among different Trustees. The task of remembering relates to your innate essence, a permanent and infinite part of your being. It's not about who you become but who you inherently are.

2. The Astral Illusion and Recurrence
Do you feel trapped in a cycle? According to the Guidance on the Way Transmission, many are ensnared by the Astral Illusion, caught in a mechanical sleep-like state. This illusion binds us to the material world, causing recurrence in the same body. To escape this cycle, we must shed the grip that the Illusion has on our consciousness. It’s a challenge, but a path towards true freedom.

3. Are We Really Awake?
How can we remember if we are asleep in the Astral Illusion? Good question! In this state of low consciousness, remembering appears impossible. Yet, some individuals with advanced inner development can move out of the Illusion and experience freedom. If you’re drawn to the teachings of Zadore, you likely have this perception of what it means to be free.

4. The Early Years of Life: Ruled by Essence
Think back to your early childhood. During your first four years, your consciousness was dominated by Essence, the core of who you were in your previous recurrence. Your inner development was paramount, while the outer development of Personality was minimal. This Essence provided a continuity of being, unaltered by the fickle changes of the external world.

5. The Trap of Personality
As you grew older, you might have started to base your level of being on your Personality, equating knowledge and external experiences with growth. This belief is a fallacy, induced by the Astral Illusion. Personality is finite, bound by the Illusion, and with each recurrence, your true consciousness is what remains.

6. The Illusion of Thinking
Do you think you're thinking? Think again! Our typical thought processes involve merely reacting by comparing different concepts and attitudes. It's not thinking but a sort of automated response. You might feel you have a self that's permanent, but in reality, you're a collection of “I-Folders,” reacting rather than truly engaging with life.

7. The Power of Positive I-Folders
Here’s a ray of hope: positive change is possible. Facing an inciting incident in life can create the potential for inner development. You can develop “Positive I” Folders, accessing higher knowledge such as Zadore's Transmissions. Protect and nurture these "little ones" or "children" as Jesus called them, and experience a transformation beyond worldly limitations.

8. Reawakening the Essence
Are you ready to awaken your Essence? By deleting old negative I-Folders, Essence can become active in your consciousness again. Your Personality can be filled with Higher Knowledge, providing Light and Consciousness for the Earth. It's not just a theoretical concept but a potential reality for those who dare to delve into the teachings of Zadore and similar spiritual wisdom.

In summary, the excerpt invites you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, challenging your current beliefs and urging you to connect with the essence of your being. The path may seem arduous, but the rewards, as described, are a freedom and understanding beyond worldly bounds. If these concepts resonate with you, consider taking the first step to explore the inner teachings and transcend the Illusion.


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