The first book of the Bible has been attributed to Moses. It is written in an attempt to establish a creation event of the universe, and in particular the earth and the world.

    It is an impossible story that cannot be taken literally being written by a person who stole the concept from old Egyptian writings. You cannot claim for a new god such as Jehovah to create a world and universe that had already been in existence over billions of years.

    So it is a fantasy, something that was meant to establish a new beginning for the children of Israel.

    However, regardless of writing that fantasy, even up to present-day humanity we actually have no true and reliable understanding of how life on Earth began.

    As well, there is a follow-up story about Noah who had the unbelievable task of somehow rounding up all the animals, insects, and reptiles in such a short time and fit them all on the ark, which would take a lifetime to build before the rain came.

    As well, he also had to find two of each kind, a male and a female. As well he would have had to gather many seeds, and there is no explanation for how birds survived because he seemed not to see that they could not survive such destruction, and yet, somehow a bird arrived above the ark when the rain stopped. All that makes us wonder at the level of consciousness of the people at who would accept something like that as a reality.

    It smacks like a story of duality, a thought that exists relative to the development of life in the universe that requires positive and negative energies combining and multiplying driven by the intelligence of consciousness within the vital force to maintain the destruction and rebirth of the universe.

    So, the easiest way to control a self-expanding universe is to place a god in charge of all its functions, and so a concept is established that defies any conflict.

    If it were possible to trace back your DNA over unknown generations, you would find that you would come back to a duality at the source and would still reach a point unknown as to what created the duality source.

    Of course, we do not how out of One could there come two, and that has always been seen as the Mystery of Life.

    Why trouble ourselves trying to solve the riddle of the chicken or the egg and what came first, when we are living in an objective manifestation that has no reality, for to align ourselves as being something objective, limits and keeps us ignorant of our true reality that lies beyond this objectification.


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  • I have always been amused how people believe the story of Noah and the Arc. Even as a child I felt something wasn’t right with that story.

    Aida De'Ceglie

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