Gender Confusion

It is interesting to see that in our shared worlds that there are many options held by people as to what we should consider that are now held to relate to how we should accept as personal concepts that constitute our acceptance of what we see we are as being a body.

It seems that all these issues have emanated out of social media and their disjointed ways of thinking. In the last count, there were one hundred different people genders now listed.

The problem with all these different relationships with bodies is only creating more and more categories of things in the world that only takes us further away from realizing the truth within that cannot be externalized.

This gender issue and other thoughts of sexual body differences are only surface issues created in the mind and add to the illusion of the world. And is a waste of mind space.

What blocks our spiritual attachments and understanding generally are seen as follows.

1 Identification of our thought that we are a body.

  1. That we are either male or female.
  2. That we have a name that we identify ourselves within our world.

On earth, there is basically one form that is slightly different, and this constitutes the beginning of living in a world of duality. We know that the reason for this duality of forms is that the earth can continue to repopulate all the different species.

However, the human mind has different ideas and utilizes the reproductive function as a means of experiencing sex as a pleasurable way of entertainment or sporting activity for one person dominating another and is something that religions and society have constantly used to create male domination.

With gender issues, it becomes quite different, and it has no relationship with sexual relationships. Aside from all the media confusion and hype and celebrity exposure, the real gender issue is not so superficial.

It is time to step back from all our illusional concepts and attitudes and become aware of the confusion created surrounding gender. Gender confusion is not psychological that underlies other groups’ sexual acceptance.

This is totally a different situation that requires an understanding of what is happening with these children. They do not feel that they have any gender, neither a male nor female, but know that they have one of the two bodies available.

When they are born, they have all the regular conditioning that comes with a particular body, but generally, at that young age, no one feels anything else except they have a body and there is not much change in this until they reach puberty.

By being ostracized by those individuals these children become outcasts of the world

And being little understood they are forced into deception and have to hide from the reality of the world. This solves nothing.

Unless we can be convinced that we are not a body and not any particular sex then we should not be limited to being a particular sex and have to behave in a set manner or name.

We need to understand that life is not based on anyone being a particular body. Did not Jesus say that in heaven there are no sexes or bodies? As this is so then all this duality and gender belongs to the manifest body state.

We must become aware of all the ignorance of those people who are inwardly blocked from any understanding of others and are therefore seen as bigots.

We should realize that these children who feel this way about their gender are possibly more enlightened about their true reality than the rest of the world because they stand on the verge of recognizing their true nature beyond this world of illusion.

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