It is mentioned in the Oracle to Freedom that the roots of fear are deeply embedded in generations of Earth bodies. The Astrals use it to prevent us from finding our freedom as they in turn fear our return to Light.

Your personality may fear the loss of your health, body, job, wealth etc... There are the obvious fears but below the surface, we have more deeply rooted fears.

Only your personality is falsely telling you that you no longer live in fear. Fear exists only in your illusional personality as it cannot exist in Light.

As long as your personality is in the illusion, fear will be present. It is a cornerstone of the illusion. So how do you overcome fear?

The Oracle tells us that you must move aside your personality and all its Astral attachments to experience the magnificence of your Self, because once you touch the beauty of Light you will no longer experience fear or guilt, and everyone will respond to your Light and Love.

Love will soften your consciousness, give it warmth and security. The warmth of Love will move through your personality to disperse and consume all fear allowing you to express Light and Love through this body. With this Love, there will be no fear as it only exists in the Astral Illusion.

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