Escaping Deception

If you are incarcerated in prison for your mistakes and errors, you would always seek freedom which means to be free to live in what is called the ‘outside life. But you would find that you are not free from the demands and relationships of the world.

Your freedom does not lie in the hands of others and the only freedom you have is to choose between being controlled by or controlling others.

Freedom does not come about by being a billionaire or being born into a family having a high position in the world.

The only freedom you have in your life centers around the consciousness you remember prior to the appearance of your ego and personality and from then you were conditioned to live in ignorance in the world forgetting your true nature at that moment following your body’s birth. So now you walk in darkness followed by the shadow of ignorance, pain and suffering, not knowing why you are here in this dismal place.

You think that somehow you have walked into a bad dream, and you are living in concert with different people who, like you, are desperate to wake up.

But how can you wake up, and if you could, would it be any different?

As long as you erroneously think you only exist in a body you will never be free, for that body is often been seen as your prison and the ego its jailer who refuses to unlock the door.

But, if all of this is only a dream, then so too is the ego, and maybe there is a means to escape. But where would you escape to?

If you could only remember the time when your ego had not yet manifested, you would know how to escape.

The only thing that stands between your life in prison and your freedom is the ego.

What you have to do is disarm the ego and place it in a prison of its own making where it will be unable to wield any more power over you, where it will weaken and die.

All escape requires a plan with the help of other prisoners. Your purpose is to realize that your freedom awaits you when you disarm your ego and its illusory web that it has spun around your consciousness.

By destroying that web within your mind you will open the way to Light and freedom of what you have always been.

Zadore said:

“You must be aware of the constant attempts of the Astrals to use the energy flowing through the ego for its nefarious purpose that breaking free from their prison where they use all manner of deception to accomplish their ends”.

( ‘Deception.’ Enter the Vortex as One Light)

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  • What is the EGO? is it our negative programming, wanting to be righteous, addictions, vanity, FEAR, money ..etc..

    Aida De Ceglie

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