Enacting your Symphony

Often you are driven by desires and sensory experiences, which leads to boredom and a lack of fulfillment. There is only one thing that awaits discovery, which is the mystery of one's being, and many do not search for this fulfillment.

One's life is enacted through a prism, reflecting various experiences, and all life experiences are One Life, One Light, One Being. Your life is like a symphony that you composed, and it won't end until the last movement is complete and are whole. No matter what position you hold in life, you are enacting your symphony, and how you play the instrument through your personality is how the sounds move through this dimension.

Often there appears to be a mix of uncompleted desires, and you often blame outside influences for your misfortune. There is only one composition that your higher consciousness has composed, and that it is divided into segments and is played fully over many life experiences. However, you often allow your personality and the astral illusion to interfere with the flow.

When one moves into the frequency of consciousness that expresses their purpose through their higher consciousness, they experience the harmony of now and will no longer be buffeted by disruptive energies. You have never been greater than you are now, and all other life experiences have led to this moment.

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