Embracing Change



    In the intricate tapestry of life, change is the only constant. This article delves into the essence of change, exploring how embracing it is not merely a necessity but a profound opportunity for personal transformation and growth. Through Zadore's transmissions, we discover the tools and perspectives needed to navigate the currents of change, turning potential upheavals into pathways toward self discovery.

    Change is an inherent part of the universe's fabric, manifesting in the cycles of nature, the flow of time, and the evolution of consciousness. It is the force that propels life forward, challenging us to adapt, learn, and evolve. While change can often appear daunting, embodying uncertainty and loss, it also holds the promise of renewal, discovery, and expansion. Understanding the dual nature of change is the first step in transforming our relationship with it.

    Human beings, by nature, seek stability and predictability, creating a natural resistance to change. This resistance is rooted in fear—fear of the unknown, fear of loss, and fear of failure. The transmissions teach that this resistance is not an obstacle but a signal, inviting us to explore the depths of our being and confront the limitations we impose on ourselves. By recognizing and addressing our fears, we can begin to dissolve the barriers to change, opening ourselves to the possibilities it brings.

    Embracing and accepting change requires a shift in perspective, from viewing it as a threat to recognizing it as an integral part of our journey. This shift involves:

- **Letting Go**: Releasing our attachment to outcomes, identities, and possessions allows us to move with the flow of change rather than against it. Letting go is an act of trust in the universe and in our capacity to navigate the unknown.

- **Mindfulness and Presence**: Being fully present in the moment enables us to experience change not as a series of disruptions but as a continuous flow of life. Mindfulness practices help cultivate an awareness that is both grounded and flexible, capable of adapting to change with grace and insight.

- **Seeing Change as an Opportunity**: Every change, regardless of its initial appearance, carries the seed of opportunity. Whether it's the chance to develop new skills, to deepen our understanding of ourselves, or to forge new paths, change invites us to expand our horizons and explore new dimensions of existence.

    To actively embrace and accept changes that you have no control over, try setting positive intentions for how you wish to grow and what you hope to learn through the process. This proactive approach empowers you to shape your journey through change.

    Ultimately, embracing change is about recognizing its transformative power. It is through the challenges and uncertainties of change that we are stripped of our illusions and brought face to face with our true selves. This encounter is not an end but a beginning—a gateway to a deeper understanding of our place in the universe and our potential for growth and enlightenment.

    In conclusion, by welcoming change with an open heart and mind, we embark on a path of transformation that leads not only to personal growth but to the realization of our deepest truths and the boundless possibilities that await us in every moment of change.



  • Thank you for this beautiful and timely message. Very poignant for me also at this time of incredible change and transformation in my own life. I also am just coming through the other side of grief and loss on a scale I haven’t experienced before. The light is just starting to take dawn after a very long period of darkness.

  • Excellent message. Thank you.

  • I am also going through a lot of changes and healing is taking place thanks to the. ..Onelight and Oracle to Freedom xx

    Aïda De'Ceglie
  • Dear Tys,

    I am deeply touched by your openness with which you share your journey through this profound time of change and loss.

    In moments like these, it’s often the depths of our emotions that guide us toward transformation. Just as the transmissions in the “Earthlight Transmissions” suggest, the process of moving through grief and embracing the light that follows is a powerful path to growth and self-discovery. Your willingness to flow with these changes, rather than resist them, shows incredible strength and wisdom.

    Remember that every tear you shed and every new opening you embrace is a step toward a deeper understanding of your Self. Your journey is about finding light and healing within even through the most challenging experiences.

    With love and light, Dennis

  • Reading this has been timely for me; a dear friend just died, and I’ve been embracing the change, flowing with the tears and openings that are coming up. Thank you once again for your beautiful poignant words


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