Embarking on a Journey Beyond the Visible

Insights from Vis Novae Natura

    The wisdom imparted from Vis Novae Natura offers a profound exploration of consciousness, the universe, and a path to understanding and enlightenment. Through the lens of these transmissions, we are invited on a journey beyond the visible, into the depths of our being and the fabric of existence itself. This blog aims to summarize the key insights and understandings gleaned from Vis Novae Natura, illuminating the path toward transformation, freedom, and oneness with the SELF and the Universe.

The Nature of Reality and the Illusion

    At the heart of the book is the distinction between the illusion of our everyday perception and the deeper, truer nature of reality. The world as we commonly experience it, with its material concerns and dualistic notions, is but a shadow of a more profound existence that lies beyond the reach of our physical senses. This illusion, often reinforced by societal constructs and personal beliefs, keeps us tethered to a limited understanding of ourselves and the universe.

The Path to Enlightenment

    The book elucidates a direct path to enlightenment, emphasizing the necessity of transcending the illusion. This journey is not for the faint-hearted; it demands diligence, introspection, and the willingness to shed layers of misconceived identities and attachments. The book highlights the importance of practical application over mere intellectual understanding, underscoring that knowledge without action does not lead to true wisdom or liberation.

The Three Energies

    A pivotal concept in Zadore's Transmissions is the interplay of the three energies: creative, opposing, and neutral. These energies are at work in all aspects of life and the universe, dictating the outcomes of our desires and endeavors. Understanding and aligning these energies is crucial for achieving one's goals and advancing on the spiritual path. The teachings stress the role of the neutral energy as the harmonizer, capable of resolving the tension between the creative and opposing forces, thus facilitating manifestation and transformation.

The Journey Within: Essence and Personality

    A significant portion of Vis Novae Natura is dedicated to understanding the duality of Essence and Personality. Essence represents our eternal, unchanging true nature, a spark of the divine consciousness, while Personality is the transient self, shaped by worldly experiences and the ego. The journey of enlightenment involves a shift from identifying with the Personality to realizing and embodying our Essence. This process unveils the light of our true being, guiding us back to unity with the SELF and the Universe.

Embracing Change and the Eternal Moment

    Change is presented as an essential aspect of the journey, a force that, when embraced, leads to growth and enlightenment. Zadore teaches that resistance to change stems from fear and attachment, hindering our evolution. Furthermore, the teachings advocate for living in the eternal moment, a state of being where time's linear constraints dissolve, and we experience life in its fullest, timeless essence. This practice fosters a profound connection with the present, revealing the interconnectedness of all existence and the fluid nature of reality.

The Power of Inner Silence

    Inner silence emerges as a sanctuary of peace and wisdom within Zadore's teachings. It is in the depths of silence that we encounter our true selves and the universal consciousness. Cultivating inner silence through meditation, mindfulness, and detachment from the noise of the external world allows us to access higher states of awareness and intuition, facilitating personal transformation and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe.


    The lessons learned from Vis Novae Natura serve as a beacon for those seeking to transcend the mundane and embark on a journey of spiritual awakening. They provide a map for navigating the complexities of existence, emphasizing the importance of inner work, the alignment of energies, and the realization of our true essence. As we delve into these teachings, we are reminded of the boundless potential within us to connect with the universal consciousness, transform our reality, and experience the profound oneness of all life. This journey, rich with challenges and revelations, promises a return to the light, love, and eternal freedom that is our natural state.


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  • Wonderful really said everything I needed to take on board and for health reasons lately had not been able to comprehend so big THANK YOU. I will now really work hard !

    Barbara Bailey

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