Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

‘Don’t believe everything you hear, your imagination has led you to extreme…’ the lyrics from an old song that are important in our quest for understanding of who and what we are. You may recall that when we began this site nine months ago, we suggested that you should not accept anything you read as being the truth; that you have to contemplate the inner meaning, and only then can you accept or discard the information.

Zadore has said in the transmissions that to know what is true or false, all you have to do is shine the light of understanding on it and the truth will be revealed.

Interestingly, one person reads a transmission and immediately accepts what is written. Whereas, another person reads the same transmission and immediately rejects it. You will see that both people are missing the mark, because they are applying what they have read to their conditioned understanding and, as such, neither can access the truth.

Truth is universal and non-dual, unlike our worldly concepts. It is only our conditioning that makes us believe that all Truth can only be apprehended by becoming attached to a guru or religion.

While we continue to accept the teachings, thoughts, ideas and concepts of so-called experts we will never know the reality of what is.

VOLAH has no organization, and what is presented on this site does not conform to a teaching or system.

If that were so, we would be wanting to convert others to study a set of organized teachings only available at a price. Whatever you read here is free, providing you with the knowledge that will help you to remember who and what you are, because the truth has no material value. The truth belongs to all of us, because it is our real nature, our real Self.

However, we have all lost our way and are asleep, having no contact with our reality. We live in a state of ignorance, in outward worldly knowledge conditioned by the State and Religion. Such commitment makes humanity automatons, willingly giving away their rights in the belief that they are protected from harm and misery.

VOLAH first appeared in 1986 when Jon Whistler and his two associates were contacted by Zadore, and from that contact the Transmissions were revealed to the world. All this is disclosed in Jon Whistler’s book ‘One Light’

Following the publication of One Light several thousand people around the world were drawn to the remarkable original information revealed by Zadore. Many of these people still study the continuing transmissions. For them, the transmissions were released on a regular basis as received by Jon, mainly through books and later through the Earthlight Transmissions and the VOLAH Series.

The effect of these transmissions over several years of study gradually changed the way we think, creating a change of mind, which altered the negative conditioning that everyone in the world is bound to by illusion and ignorance.

De-conditioning is essential, because without breaking down this state of ignorance and illusion, we cannot we cannot be the Light and awareness of what we are. Without breaking the hold over our consciousness by the Personal ‘I’ we are continually functioning under the false belief that we are the body.

These early transmissions are extremely important to be studied and understood because it is impossible to Be what we Are while still conditioned by old thoughts and memories.

You need to create a solid understanding where you cannot be controlled by the illusional outer knowledge.

When we begin to understand what Jesus taught in the early parables and the Sermon on the Mount, we know that he was de-conditioning morals and character, which were related to everyone’s personal behaviour and relationships. You cannot move into the Kingdom of Heaven within while you continue to live in the world of ignorance and illusion.

It is important to transform your mind by understanding what you are not; that you are ignorant, conditioned and separated from the Truth by this conditioning. Once you break down this barrier you will find that your mind is quieter, you have less fear, and you are experiencing a more peaceful state of mind free of all negativity where you no longer express anger and violence, not only to others but also to yourself.

Only now can you truly begin to become open to the presence or awareness within that will enlighten your understanding.

So it is important to follow the basic steps by studying the early transmissions such as the Oracle to Freedom and Enter the Vortex as One Light, as well as the VOLAH Series, where you will experience that understanding that flows from within without any effort.

No one can provide you with a manual for enlightenment. Do not to follow any system, because all these systems only isolate you from what you are, creating further separation. You are already what you seek, and one day you will know this and Be that Self.

Initially we think we have to do something; to make a concerted effort to reach an expected goal, illumination, where everything will be spectacular and exciting. But that is not the way; the way is through silence, where peace, love and bliss abide, where you are free of personality, mind and body.

We will continue to post transmissions here to help eliminate the years of negative conditioning that has been imposed over human consciousness and reaches deep within the human psyche.

You will be amazed by the changes that occur in your life when you cast aside all the ignorance in your world and, slowly but surely, you become free, and even though you are in the world through your body, you will know that you are not of this world, but you are I AM that I AM.

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